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St Johnstone's Next Permanent Manager

St Johnstone's next manager  

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6 minutes ago, Speroni*1 said:

Can confirm after receiving several threatening PM's from Bonsky demanding I change the poll to show my love for this great country that is Great Britain, that I would change the poll but this version of P&B doesn't seem to allow you to do so. @Bonksy+HisChristianParade

If Local man Roddie "Hot Toddy" McKinnie gets appointed your gonna have an omelette on your face buddy. 

Contact a mod and give the people what they want, give them what they need, give them Rod

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4 hours ago, Speroni*1 said:

Callum Davidson and Dave Mackay maybe more likely than Craig being involved in the combo? Mackay and Davidson were in the same Pro License group.


ETA: Picture came out weird. It zooms in when you click on it.

Is that Edinburgh City's James McDonaugh in the top row far right?

Give Pauline Hamill the job!

I think Hartley is a bookie's favourite because he got a newly promoted club, Cove, promoted again and quite well ahead of the other L2 clubs too. Cove's player budget did help just a tad ..

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2 minutes ago, tree house tam said:

It will definitely not be Hartley, save your cash for another ex/current Saint.

Are you generally ITK? You seem to be heavily hinting at the Davidson/Craig combo.

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3 minutes ago, tree house tam said:

I'm not going to admit it on here obviously but here's the bag of steaks I picked up from Lindsay the butchers yesterday 


I sussed it out when I seen your private plate car slow down when it passed my house one day.

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7 hours ago, glenrothes 1884 saint said:

Callum distancing himself from job,come home Sheerinhio 

Tbf hes just saying what anyone in a job would say. Why would anyone who's at Millwall come out and say they want to leave with the deranged fanbase that club have.

The journalist has made the headline, while also peddling this story that it's now Clelands job to lose, while the same paper carries a story this morning saying Cleland isnt in the picture and Robertson/Davidson are the two favourites.

Going to be a month or so of total guesswork IMO, especially if they dont plan on rushing things.

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Been a lot of criticism of the media in recent days, some unfairly IMO. The Davidson article is quite something though.

My hope is that as a collective, we don't sell this job short. This is one of the best jobs in Scotland, perennial losers need not apply. And, you know, playing for Saints doesn't need to be on your CV...

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46 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

Going to be a month or so of total guesswork IMO, especially if they dont plan on rushing things.

There is no rush, have the summer off then appoint someone in August for an October start to the season. A lot will depend on when the relative leagues start, we may be behind other countries in that respect so it may force our hand a bit on candidates. I think they have people in mind but I would wait to see who registers an interest, then decide. The only thing I'd say is Cleland should not be in the frame.

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