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Taking on the world. Scotland manager


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Squad for Belgium away and Switzerland at Hampden.


A bit of an overhaul. Players dropping like flies so this is as strong as I can go. Fingers crossed. Hoping Christie can make a nuisance of himself an maybe get a goal before taking him off.


Somehow leading at half time but Belgium been by far the better team 


Absolutely battered 2-1. No idea how many times they hit the woodwork.





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Switzerland at Hampden which was my one realistic chance of a win before we started so hopefully we can collect the 3 points and make ourselves safe.


Kept in the game so far by Harry Stone with at least two brilliant saves. Need a better 2nd half


Brilliant 2nd half. This team has a chance when they play well and it makes such a difference when you have a goalkeeper you can trust





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Squad for the games away to Germany and then ending with Belgium at Hampden. Pretty safe from relegation which was about the best I could have hoped for. Win against Germany in Germany and we might win the group. Big ask.


Missing Robertson, hopefully Taylor can step up .


Completely outclassed in the first half  but still level somehow.




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Disappointing defeat but showing more and more that I can go head to head with the big teams and compete. Had so many chances to win the game.



Since the game I've had the news that both Ryan Christie and Scott McTominay will miss the world cup through injury. Especially gutted for Christie because he is about the only striker I have that looks remotely likely to score. 

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So Finally time to name the World Cup squad.  Also now lost Scott McKenna to injury as well. It really is slim pickings. 



So this is the matched we face in the next few weeks to try and take Scotland beyond the 1st stage for the first time.


When the draw was made I was very confident but with the injuries we have had I'm struggling to see how we can qualify. 



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Starting line up for the game against Spain. Trying Leigh Griffiths up front after a bit of a break so hopefully he can get a goal.


Great first half. Not too many clear cut chances but a great header by Ryan Fraser. Kept possession very well against a good team so very encouraging.


That lasted all of 60 seconds into the 2nd half. Changing it up a bit to give the squad a bit of a rotation and see if I can get a goal out of a striker.


Very happy with that result and performance. Very composed on the ball. Its a real shame we are missing so many big players because I feel this could have been a great World cup for us.






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Montenegro next up at Rugby Park. Will try and start with the team I think will face Italy and hopefully get a morale boosting win. Pretty sure this is the team against Italy barring a disaster. 


Well that really couldn't have gone any better. Still no goal from a striker though. 


Thrilled with that performance and a great morale booster. Finally got a goal from a striker too 






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The big day has finally arrived for Scotland fans. 24 years on from the last World cup appearance. Good to get the hardest game of the group out of the way first I reckon. Cameroon have beaten the USA 1-0 in the groups other game in the early kick off. Kept the same line up as the Montenegro game and hopefully we can play with the same attacking flair


Happy enough with the first half. Very even with very few clear cut chances but certainly not coming off 2ndf best. More yellow cards than I would like which could come back to haunt me later.


Very happy with the result but denied a victory by a fantastic 88th minute save. Shows we can go toe to toe with the worlds best and come out with something. Hopefully not downhill from here




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Did James Taylor start at Accie s by any chance? They have a James Taylor in my save thats a 19 year old striker. Capped once which is not bad going considering they're just newly promoted from the Championship. I dont even know if Brophys been capped while playing for me (says 2 caps but mightve been IRL) despite him scoring regularly the whole time I've had him.


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14 minutes ago, dysartrovers said:

He actually started at Motherwell before moving to Everton. Scored 5 for them in the 20/21 season before moving

Was thinking for a while surely we both dont have the exact same regen 😂

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Next up is Cameroon. If we want to qualify then this is a must win. Or certainly a must not lose. Kept the same starting 11 from the last match and hopefully have a similar performance


Wow. That was everything that the 1st game wasn't. Absolutely all over the place at the back and Cameroon are so fit and strong that they are causing us all sorts of problems that no one else has. Could be 6-6.


Really glad to get the equaliser and go into the last game with a chance. (better check the other score to make sure that's the case) Cameroon are a very good team. Very quick and strong and difficult to play against. Hopefully get a win against the US and hope that we can scrape through this





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A draw between Italy and Cameroon and a win for us puts us through. Worst case now is an Italy win against Cameroon because that outs the pressure on. Confident that a win against USA should be enough but that will probably come back to haunt me and we will find another way to fail to qualify. 


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