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Taking on the world. Scotland manager


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So I have taken on the impossible job of leading Scotland to glory. I am going to clear out the dead wood and try to use a younger squad where possible. 

The computer hasn't given me a great start with them losing in Cyprus but hopefully can claw that back. Think it will be the next qualifying campaign before we see results but fingers crossed. 

Will be playing this save once a week but should be able to rattle through a few games quickly


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So first Squad named for a big match at home against Cyprus.  Really should be a  win but who knows.

Tried to get rid of the older players but there is only so much you can do straight away. 

Already lost 2 young players to other counties. The game makes such a big deal about this for players that are miles from playing

Luis Appere has decided to play for France and Dapo Mebude had jumped ship to the English. Both will probably come crawling back when they don't get a game


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Went about as well as could realistically have dreamed. John Mcginn was absolutely brilliant and we could have easily scored 10

Absolutely no chance of qualifying which is a shame but things already look better

San Marino up next so will probably stick with the same team and win 1-0


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Absolutely brilliant. This team has loads of goals in them although I couldn't have asked for an easier start.

next up is Belgium away followed by Russia at home. Russia running away with the group and within 3 points of Belgium but no chance that is happening. 

Oli Burke was brilliant after coming off the bench so will be a good replacement for Forrest. Hope to have Tierney back at right back for the next games


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Squad for the games against Belgiium and Russia

John Mcginn, Andy Robertson and Steven Naismith all had long term injuries so have replaced them with Tierney, Fleck and Shankland. 

To be fair they all probably deserved to be in the squad anyway.

I do fear the worst for these games though


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Absolutely dominated but didn't create many chances. 

Definitely missing Robertson and McGinn. Next up is San Marino at Hampden and away to Kazakhstan so hopefully 6 points to end it before the draw for the World Cup

At least I have a play off to look forward to



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Managed to finish third after a comfortable win. SFA already saying they will begin to look for my replacement unless things pick up which I think is a bit harsh considering the start the AI gave me. Happy with the start so hopeful for the playoffs and hopefully a good draw for the world cup


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