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Walking Down the Beechwood Road mk 2

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On 22/11/2021 at 13:02, jimbaxters said:

Young Mason looked a stick out in these highlights. 

Good to see you back pal. Great highlights as always...although were you affrontit at missing the W.Calder goal? 😉

Cheers bud, probably back a bit early but 6 weeks in the house it was good for the mind. Mason is good player to film as likes his one on ones. Surprised the ref didn’t send off the guy after the karate tackle but got his revenge a few seconds later by way of the score sheet

haha yeah predicted the play back to big Andy wrong, try and read the game to predict what’s going to happen next. Can use the zoom better and makes the difference using entry level gear.

I expected it to be a quick return back from Andy to midfield so didn’t fully track the ball.. was caught out as much as the player were lol.

Didn’t stop Calder from enjoying pulling one back, they all count!!

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See when you compare the Preston performance in the last round (and some of the flat as a pancake performances of last month) to that today it's all the more remarkable. 

That was absolutely immense from every player in a Talbot shirt and Tucker got the tactics and subs spot on. There was no question of Talbot setting up with a "wee team" mentality and hoping for a replay and a pat on the heid from the media about being brave, they play like equals to whoever comes to Beechwood and it's brilliant to see how much it rattles the opposition and how much of a leveler home advantage can be when you play like you deserve to be on the same pitch as these teams. 

The full defence was phenomenal as was the midfield, and up front the commitment and intelligence of Boylan was immense and the running and trickery of Samson after he came on was causing Accies all sorts of bother. It's great to see Gee score in this game after his offside goal v Ayr was chopped too. Amazing. 


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One of my best days as a Bot fan, and to be fair, there’s been a few contenders over the decades.

This was no smash and grab act - a fantastic double save from big Andy aside - Hamilton were as toothless as a nonagenarian and the Bot completely deserved it.

Now I’m ensconced in Hamilton it makes the win all the sweeter.

There’s probably as many people live in Fairhill as in Auchinleck and Catrine would be swallowed by Earnock - Meikle or Muckle.

As a working from home recluse I’m going to have to use Christmas shopping as an excuse to parade the Talbot top around town

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 Brilliant display from Talbot , apart from Ryan missing a sitter in first half and leishmans double save accies were woeful but maybe that’s down to Talbot who never gave them a second all afternoon but no shortage of ability in amongst the work rate 

biggest compliment I can give is it’s no even that big a surprise now 

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