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Walking Down the Beechwood Road mk 2

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Pollok v Talbot
Newlandsfield is currently operating to a capacity of 874, and we anticipate that this figure will be reached. There will be a pay gate in operation, but this will be closed when capacity is reached. We therefore ask that spectators arrive as early as possible to avoid being refused entry - gates will open from 1pm. Digital tickets are already available for purchase to fans of both clubs through the Fanbase App. I would ask that any queries regarding ticketing go through our new Club Secretary, John Alexander (07854 536 874).
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11 hours ago, DellScot said:

874 that's a killer for Pollok,  no long term future for club like that limited to that. 

They should move into Lesser Hampden with Queens. 

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On 21/09/2022 at 21:44, andy25 said:
On 21/09/2022 at 21:39, Killiepiyo said:
Who do u think is a quality left back? 

Anyone but the one we've got.

Am starting 2 wonder if u really r a talbot fan??? Every post is negative n even a cumnock fan is more positive than u lol either that or ur mid 20s and have only known talbot 2 dominate junior football And now when they dont win the league last season everything is doom n gloom. Do what ur meant 2 do and SUPPORT the team. End of day us and talbot arent gonnie win the league till d££££l f**k off. U cant compete against that at this level


Mon the papers

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To get ahead of my personal GPS and social media post stalker, Andy25, Pollok will likely be doing the highlights today. Talbot TeeVee covering the testimonial day tomorrow. 
Well said killiepiyo he does like to stalk u and say crap about talbot
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We're definately needing to put a few wins together in the league but we won't be the only side to drop points at Pollok. Saying that I think there's only 1 league game between now and bonfire night. 


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