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League Reconstruction 20/21 season

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I suppose if Hearts are going to lose so much money from their relegation to the Championship they could just stick to form and go into administration, fail to pay all their creditors, and carry on regardless?

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24 minutes ago, Pet Jeden said:

Decent effort young Greenday. Now consider -

1. What proportion of hospitality comes from games against OF, Hibs ,Aberdeen?

2. What are the fixed costs (depreciation of F&F, Leases of equipment etc)

3. Redundancy costs if downsizing staff. Wage rates of those kept on unchanged.

4. Higher costs per unit for smaller bulk purchases.

5. Reasonable assumption for number of years down. 2?

6 Of course, Insurance, security, rates stay the same. Heating, Lighting not much lower

Have another wee re-read of your Int 4 Economics text book and bring it back on Monday. Good lad.

It's a wee shame you'll get nothing then.

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I suppose Hearts could raise an action for the court to prevent the Spfl from producing fixtures or starting the season. Which of course would go down just marvellously with all the other club chairmen, watching the chance of any income of any sort disappear, and with Sky watching their games vanish.
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When nearly all costs are fixed for a year or two into the future, then a top line reduction impacts profit (or more realistically loss) on a pound for pound basis. But, go on. Do tell me how it works in Leith.
So Budge is so arrogant she didn't budget at all for the prospect of relegation. Explains her fucking pathetic begging performance at least a little bit. What a total uberclusterfuck by a "shrewd businesswoman"
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1 hour ago, Cowden Cowboy said:

Why would it be - they might just receive a nominal sum.  The £millions they are allegedly seeking is turnover based which isn’t a true loss 

No matter how much the sum is, if 100% of it goes to Hearts and they are only responsible for 2.25% of it (based on them finishing top of the Championship). That means they'll get paid more than it costs them if (and it's a big if) they win.

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1 hour ago, Green Day said:

Some facts, shamelessly stolen from elsewhere..........

  1. In the rules it states that the club that finishes in 12th place at the end of the season is relegated - hearts complied with this for many years.
  2. The 2019-20 season has ended with the agreement of all clubs...............including hearts.
  3. Hearts were in 12th place when the season ended.

No 2 could carry the rider that hearts only agreed to it on condition that reconstruction was considered and a decision was reached - that condition will have been met on monday at the latest.

Where does Hearts legal challenge logically go from there??????????

Notice how the common Hearts supporter always skips replying to the question on what legal challenge they think they have? 

Complete smoke and mirrors.  Get them relegated like they deserve and allow the rest of us get on with much more important things.

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34 minutes ago, Szamo's_Ammo said:

It's a wee shame you'll get nothing then.

I do hope Pete Jeden  is really a decent bloke ..............he surely cannot be such a wan#er as he comes across on here, can he?

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7 minutes ago, craigkillie said:

No matter how much the sum is, if 100% of it goes to Hearts and they are only responsible for 2.25% of it (based on them finishing top of the Championship). That means they'll get paid more than it costs them if (and it's a big if) they win.

I realise it's not a personal injury claim, but in that world there is such a thing as contributory negligence. Ie a settlement figure is agreed based on damages, but then only a percentage is awarded if the injured party was partly responsible. (A cyclist not wearing a helmet is a typical example.)

So the question here would be, how much responsibility, as a percentage, would fall on Hearts for the fact that they were bottom of the league when Covid made it impossible to play any more games. 

I'd put that at about the 100% mark, personally.

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I still don't see how they could take this to court?

They were relegated in line with the rules, the SPFL board have done everything democratically, they have put all realistic reconstruction plans on the table and are going through another democratic process to decide if member clubs want to implement a change. The board have went above and beyond any effort they needed to go to, to help Hearts out. 

It costs clubs money when they are relegated, Hearts should have budgeted correctly, in at least the January transfer window when relegation was a high possibility.

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County and Hibs (both of whom have spent time in the Championship recently) would be voting:
1) To have much less chance of being relegated than they have now.
2) To be more likely to come straight back up if they were to be relegated.
3) To have derby matches next season.
From a business point of view it's a no-brainer. Same for St Mirren. St Mirren and Accies would be unwise to vote against a 14-team league. It would be good for them. Unless you think greater likelihood of spending more time in the top flight is a bad thing.
Likewise, clubs in the Championship with their eye on promotion would perhaps do well to vote to keep Hearts out the way for next season and to ensure that in the coming years some of the 'big at that level' clubs are kept in the Premiership, making that one automatic slot plus one play-off slot more attainable. They benefit in the same way.
A 14-team top flight with a second tier having one up with one in a play-off is a great deal for Premiership clubs for whom relegation is a regular concern. Harder to go down, easier to come up. That's exactly what these clubs want.
If the boards of Hibs, or St Mirren, or Ross County, or St Johnstone, or Accies were to vote against this, their supporters would be within their rights to send angry letters asking the board to justify voting against something that is clearly of medium and long-term benefit to their club.
Relegation is a concern for all clubs outwith the OF. The current league table is not forever. Hearts had brushes with relegation in the mid-90s and again in 99 before going down in 2014. Hibs went down in 98 and 2014. Aberdeen had a close call in 1995 and were saved by stadium regulations in 2000 before being second-last again in 2004. Dundee United went down in the 90s and again recently. Kilmarnock have had close calls. Motherwell have had close calls. St Johnstone have gone between the divisions. All these clubs know that in time that will come round again.
Running a business isn't just about what's happening this year.

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