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Summer 2020 transfer thread

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29 minutes ago, Arthurlie1981 said:

Lewis Hobbs, son of former Arthurlie, Neilston and Clydebank striker Charlie has joined Arthurlie.

If he is half as good as his Da i will be happy.  About time we started hearing of signings.  

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As we get closer to being able to announce new signings for the forthcoming season, Arthurlie FC would like to remind supporters of the five players who will remain with the club, having already signed extended contracts.



Conor's progress has been marked since his arrival from Barrhead Youth FC under 21s in the Summer of 2018. Conor has impressed in the left back role over the past two seasons and we are delighted that "Gummy" has already committed to the club for the coming season



Tam has posed an attacking threat both in central and wide areas in the past couple of seasons. We look forward to seeing more of his attacking qualities and goalscoring abilities as we aim to challenge for promotion in the season ahead.



Mick made the step up to the first team from our under 21 side last season and put in some impressive performances in the centre of defence, prior to the enforced shutdown. We look forward to seeing his continued progress in the new season.



Messi is an experienced winger who joined us from Fauldhouse, Unfortunately only managed a few games before lockdown but we look forward to seeing him in action next season.



Andrew was highly recommended to us from Barrhead 21s , He came in and impressed straight away despite only being 19. We look forward to his continuous progress next season.


The management team have been hard at work behind the scenes in their efforts to build a competitive and capable squad for the season ahead and we look forward to being able to confirm further details in the coming weeks


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Not the best of signings for the lie but its a start i suppose. 

Conor Bradley has been one of our better players since he came in to the team, Tam McGaughey had impressed and had chipped in with a number of goals, Mick McNeil had stepped up from the 21s a few months before the season ended and had impressed. The others had only played in 2 games and had looked promising.

I am glad to see them re signing for the new season and if we add some more quality (having heard some of the names we are) then we should do a lot better than we have the last 2 seasons.
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On 14/06/2020 at 21:30, classof2010 said:

Next Monday the big day when you start seeing all the new signings gonna be an interesting day

Butch has very obviously got his own blueprint as to what he wants from the team, which will be moulded to his way of playing.

He will undoubtedly have learned a lot from Tucker during his time at Beechwood, and it will be interesting to see whether or not the players he's got lined up are high energy players who can play the kind of pressing game Butch enjoyed.

Think it's going to be maybe somewhat of a roller coaster ride to start with, but I can't honestly see Butch not making a real go of managing. He'll also get plenty of backroom support at Bellsdale, just as Tucker does with Talbot. Interesting times ahead....

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