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On 10/04/2020 at 21:15, glensmad said:

It was the new Central Region Cup, sponsored by the Milk Marketing Board initially. Glencairn won it in its first season. All the players were given a pint of milk to drink at full time. emoji23.png

I'm not sure exactly how long it lasted, how many teams entered or on what criteria, but we only played in it a couple of times. The amount cup ties back then is crazy. For a couple of years at least there was the sectional, the central league cup and the Pintaman.

In season 1968-69 we went out of the Pintaman in Round 1, losing 4-0 at Vale of Leven on Friday 9th May 1969. We went out of the Central League Cup in the 3rd Round at Glencairn 10 days later. That was the season the sectional league cup was introduced, and it was played at the end of the season, with our first match in the section taking place on Friday 23rd May, and the last on Sat 21st June. Lord knows when the later stages finished up.

in 1969-70, we made the Quarter Finals of both the Central League Cup and the Pintaman, having lost to Shettleston in the final of the Sectional League Cup which had now shifted to the start of the season. We lost both Quarter Finals at home, going down 2-1 to Cumbernauld in the Pintaman on Monday 1st June, and losing 3-2 to Dunoon Athletic on Wednesday 3rd June in the Central League Cup.

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