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Clyde Vs Montrose

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Was expecting lengthy additional time tbf, we were time wasting as soon as we went 1-0 up. Veins would be popping out my head if it was the other way about, of course. 

Rode our luck against a decent Loltrose side but Grant’s goal worthy of winning any match. Superb effort. 

Things are looking a lot brighter compared to this time last week but not taking anything for granted as it can still go south very quickly. Dumbarton probably have nothing to worry about in terms of relegation now with 3 wins on the bounce, so if they could let us win on Saturday that would be great. 

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Some hit from Grant for his goal. Conceding straight after it made it a nervy affair from then on. Montrose had plenty of crosses into the box but thankfully we either defended them well or got lucky on a few occasions. Montrose can feel hard done by not to get anything from the game.

Some bizzare calls from the ref again. In the first half almost every time a player hit the deck it was a free kick while second half was the opposite.

Don't think we had won two in a row in the league before tonight and another home game on Saturday, good it be three? Be a tough game again Dumbarton who have won their last three games.

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In comparison to last  Tuesday’s game that was actually a decent game to watch. 

Still think Montrose play the best football in the league, can’t believe partick let Lyons come back on loan.

First goal was well worked, mcstay done well just to put it back in that area. Grants goal is an absolute screamer. 

Delighted with the three points. Puts a really decent gap between us and Forfar, who are now away to raith on Saturday. 

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Great result tonight even if they did make us sweat ! 

Montrose deserved a point but I think we're due a bit of luck for a change, and Grant's belter was fit to win any game 😍.

Beat Sons on Saturday and we're surely safe.

Edited to add. Completely agree about Lyons, caused us problems all night.

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I thought the referee had a good game. I didn't agree with some of his decisions, but I didn't disagree either.

It will be a real shame if Montrose don't get into the playoffs. A good team who have improved leaps and bounds since their promotion season. One of the best players in the league in Lyons (Thistle :lol: ). They know how to play against us as well, closing down our midfield. It was strange that Grant ended up scoring such a great goal, as Niang was stopping him from getting anywhere near the ball.

That said, we had a bit of a game-plan as well. Cunningham and Love dealt really well with their full-backs. McStay got the better of his opposite number. Some great interchanging between Goodwillie/Lamont to break Montrose out of their structure.

As good a player as Lyons is, I actually thought Cuddihy dealt well with him pretty well. Lang, Cunningham and Livingstone have saved our season; the addition of three players with pace was what I was crying out for last summer and it's noticeable when we play a team who are pacy across the pitch like Montrose. McStay has shown quite a few signs that he is stepping up to this level, thought he played well today. 

A great three points and the table looks staggeringly different from this time last week. A couple more wins will be enough. Montrose will feel they should have taken something but we contributed enough to the game to give ourselves a fighting chance of the win.


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Definitely think Montrose deserved more from this game. A few surprises in the starting line up, the team performed better in the second half after some substitutions. 

first goal could have been avoided by not diving in out wide for the initial cross. Could be wrong but when the Clyde keeper dropped a free kick there looked to be a handball by a Clyde player in the resulting goalmouth scramble. Interesting to see it again on any available highlights. 

Clyde’s second was a great long range strike, at first I though Fleming could have done better but after seeing the above video it was fairly unstoppable. 

Montrose hit back almost immediately and certainly had chances to level. The goal ruled out for offside looked marginal at best, was right in front of me and looked a poor decision by the far side assistant.

Clyde’s persistent time wasting was a highly annoying ploy, cannot believe the referee allowed it to go unpunished. 

Onwards to a Stranraer double header and a very doable 6 points in the bag hopefully 

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I’m afraid the starting lineup cost us at least a point tonight. Strange midfield and why give Hawke a start when he has only had 10mins as sub a month ago? That said, could’ve been 2 up after 10 but equally could’ve been 2 down after 30. It wasn’t until Webby came on (why wasn’t he on from the start?) that we looked more like ourselves. Should’ve nicked a point but we’re just not clinical enough. Hey ho, onwards to a Stranraer double header which may just end up defining our season.

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5 hours ago, David W said:

Did the Montrose management team not get their dinner or something? Perma-raging.

There was a guy standing at the main door with about 10 pizzas just after full time. Maybe Petrie and co were on just eat at half time. 

Ray Grant should shoot from distance more often. Fabulous strike. I remember he had a stunning top corner bound volley tipped over the bar in the play off final too.

Glad players who've struggled badly at times this season like Cuddihy, McStay, Lamont have had consecutive good performances under their belt. That and as mentioned before, adding pace and full time fitness to our side with the loanees has made a big difference too. Hopefully Cunningham gets a goal under his belt soon as he gets in some great positions. Livingstone is getting steadier by the game too although would undoubtedly have had a tougher test had Webster started for Mo. McNiff went on to do ok when keeping it simple after thinking he was Beckenbauer on a couple of occasions in the first half.

Good win against a good team and with the Forfar result going our way too it's relieving to have a bit of breathing space now. 

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Great result last night against a very well organised team who were always going to give us a harder game than Falkirk or majority of teams in league..


Hoping now we can keep this settled X1 for a few weeks and pick up at least a few important wins as the next 5 games look easier on the eye than our last 4 which includes two teams going for the league and Montrose Away obviously not an easy game & even harder venue...


Perhaps being an utter sad act or used to watching my lot fighting in lower leagues or lower end of the old L1 to now however Forfar have the reverse run in to ourselves so mightly important we pick up maximum points between now and 11th April..


Roll on Saturday v team who haven't lost a goal in three games,Time to play them off the park and 3pts

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I thought Clyde played really well in the first half. First goal was a well worked move but nobody competing for the header back across goal was disappointing. Clyde could have had more goals in the first half, Goodwillie looked strong and held the ball up well and linked up well. I think Petrie started with the wrong line up though, Hawke didn't look up to much and no Webby. I know there's a run of a couple of midweek games and he wants to keep players fresh, but you've got to play with your best in form players. That handed Clyde the initiative, although Clyde played well in the first half.

Clyde's second was an absolute thunderb*****d. Thankfully we got a quick goal back. Gradually Clyde fell out of the game and we started playing well and created a few chances. Had we played the whole game like the last 20 minutes we probably would have won. On balance I thought we deserved something out of the game. Lyons looked good, Webby looked lively when he came on as did CJ. Cammy B (2nd) looked pretty good when he was on.

The timewasting was horrendous though, started when Clyde took the lead. The referee should have got the yellow card out for the Keeper and Clyde number 2 who were the main culprits. Had it been reversed I probably wouldn't be complaining, but it's down to the referee to stop it. 

Enjoyed my trip to Broadwood, decent stadium, and decent pies. 

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Enjoyable match last night.

Two good goals from Clyde

Bad defending for Montrose's goal.
No idea what Lang was trying to do when he conceded the corner leading to the goal. Sometimes it's better to stay on your feet.

It's good to feel that we're finally starting to motor. Hopefully we've found a winning system that's enjoyable to watch.
The players look enthusiastic and demanding of one another too.

Finally, a message to the Clyde supporter who was going off his dinger at a couple of Montrose fans for having the temerity to discuss amongst themselves that they were the "better team".

It was embarrassing. You need therapy.

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On the time wasting, particularly enjoyed us taking one player off at a time including Love stopping to roll his socks down , he done the same on Sat. The ref was not in the least bit interested. If it had been the other way about then I would be pretty livid too.

Montrose were also bad for stealing yards at throw-ins. Again the ref wasn't interested.

The loan signings Livingstone and Cunnigham are frustrating. Both good on the ball although Livingstone was starting to boot the ball long to Goodwillie in the second half. However, both get out muscled far too easily and Cunnigham is a bit of a shite bag. He is getting in a lot of good positions and should grab more than a few goals before the end of the season.

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Great result! The only reason Montrose got back into it towards the end was because we allowed them to. Negative tactics which saw us punting the ball rather than just holding possession and keeping it on the deck. Not to mention getting everyone behind the ball and mental things like keeping three defenders back during corners. We were playing Montrose Danny, not bloody Barca. 

That said, we managed to hang on and it's a great result so well done all. Ray Grant's screamer is gonna keep me warm for many a cold winter's night to come. Absolute ledge. 

The ref was a pr!ck who cannot differentiate between a dive and a genuine foul. This is an issue if that's the main skill required to do your job properly.

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