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9 hours ago, LongTimeLurker said:

Completely confirmed only but the real number for WoS is said to be 20+ at this point and there are rumours of around 8 moving in the east.

West: Kilwinning Rangers, Clydebank, Maryhill, Glencairn, Rob Roy, Largs, Irvine Meadow, Darvel, Whitletts, Glenafton

East: Kirkcaldy & Dysart

Whose ground would. KRR use ?  

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It's awkwardly phrased in the second last paragraph but it does sound like they have put an expression of interest in. Talbot's statement also read like they were saying that they would prefer a solution through the SJFA but if that doesn't work they'll discuss the available options with their fans.

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Reading through Social Media from the West Region clubs, it looks like 50% of them at least are for the off.
Nice one, Tom.
And that is the sad part in this. Had it been thought through and broken down into regions, the entire west would have been in as it is, no questions asked, from anyone. That would have left the east, north and tayside to be negotiated thereafter.

It's a great outcome for non league if there is a wos next season nonetheless.
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2 hours ago, parkcircus said:

There was 9 west prem clubs at the first instance, believe the Glengarnock statement was saying they would express an interest, although not sure, that would take it to 10


.......and then however many in the lower divisions, and non-Juniors.

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5 minutes ago, parkcircus said:

4 champ

2 league 1

4 non west junior

By "non west junior", do you mean junior clubs outside the west region, or do you mean teams who are just not west region juniors (e.g. could be west region amateurs ?)

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