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Hey guys, I have a project for personalized football shirts on the Teespring platform, if you can take a look there, I'm sure you will like the project a lot. If you like it and can help, show it to a friend or share it on whatsapp or on a facebook group, it would help me a lot to start selling my products, which were made by a football fan, like you. thank you for your attention, i will leave the store link right here, with all the product catalog that i have already made.



560 (1).jpg

560 (2).jpg

560 (3).jpg

560 (4).jpg

560 (5).jpg

560 (6).jpg

560 (7).jpg

560 (8).jpg

560 (9).jpg

560 (10).jpg


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5 minutes ago, carpetmonster said:

If@LiamDFC had gone into the tshirt printing game and you saw someone you didn't know wearing one in a boozer, would you give an acknowledgment of them/it or bodyswerve them with all of your might?

The 'box office' print would've sold quite well. IMO.

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4 hours ago, Dee Man said:


Do you have any tshirts with Jack Hamilton catching a football with a caption beneath him reading DIDN'T HAPPEN LOL!

Thank you in advance. 

There’s a touch of Sebu about mATHEUS’ English. Thank you.

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