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20 for ? - The Official Thread

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 I thought I'd start this in plenty of time to allow people to have a good think about their list so people can post it up before New Year.


What do you have to do?

1. Create of list of how many aims or goals you wish to achieve by the end of 2020. It can be anything you want, but it's probably best to make them reasonably challenging so that completing one is a good effort.
2. Write a short explanation of each
3. Post them here
4. Track your progress!


Have a look at the pinned thread '19' for '?' if you want inspiration

For me i think i will go for 10 aims/goals.

Maybe 20 for 10 ?

This is for you 

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Right first time doing this, hopefully these are challenging but optimistic goals.

1, Buy a house/ flat, I've been saving for ages now hope to finally get somewhere of my own this year.

2, Lose weight, I did well last year but the wheels fell off big time in November.

3, Get better at 5's, as stupid as it sounds I have only really played football for 6 months and feel I lack the basics.

4, See my pals more, most of my friends have moved south so need to make more of an effort to go and see them and see how they are doing

5, Travel more, since going to Toronto in 2018 I've not been on holiday so I need to get out and about more

6, Look for promotion at work - I'm happy where I am just now but if the right job comes up I would take it to expand my skill set

7, Volunteer more, I do loads with the football club but I would like to get out and do more with the food bank or promoting apprenticeship schemes

8, Go to the cinema/ theatre more often

9, Go to a foreign football match 

10, Go booze free for at least a month which will probably help with number 2

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Just now, G_Man1985 said:

Ffs copy n paste with an edit and still made a c**t of it.

Nae bother. Ill take part this year, need to get my arse in gear!

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1) Lose some timber - went from 16st to 11 1/2st in 2017, and slowly crept back up to 16st, so definitely lose some timber

2) Save up for a holiday with the bird - she was making noises about wanting to go away somewhere about August time and was a bit annoyed when I booked a week in Benidorm with my pals

3) Get my handicap at the golf lower - currently playing off 6 and want to be 4 or lower this time next year

4) linked to 1 but do some regular exercise 3/4 times a week

Can only think of 4 for the moment but will edit if I think of anymore

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1. Become fluent in Japanese. This is a must as I feel I'm missing out so much with my daughter due to the language barrier at times.

2. Spend more time with my daughter. Does anyone else feel that they don't do enough with their kids?

3. Complete my garden project. The patio and raised planter beds have been constructed but awaiting topsoil and olive trees being delivered. Then the planting shall commence. Need to source a barrel for growing strawberries too.

4. Train my dog. We got a dachshund puppy at the end of September. He's coming on but still work in progress.

5. Play futsal more. I started playing futsal with my wife's work colleagues this year and want to play more. Will help me get physically stronger.

6. Go camping more. We went camping back in the spring this year and had a great time. Would benefit my daughter too. "Character building" as my dad says!

7. Travel more. We're going up to Tokyo at the end of January but would like to visit the Japanese Alps in Spring as well as Sapporo in Hokkaido. Wouldn't mind a wee trip home in the summer either!

8. Go hiking. I used to go hillwalking in Scotland and wouldn't mind exploring the mountains here in Shikoku near my in laws place.

9. Cycle more. I cycle to work or lessons so I cycle most days but I really fancy doing some cycle runs with a bit of camping thrown in. A good way to explore the countryside.

10. Design and build a pizza oven and BBQ for the garden.

I think I've got enough on my plate as well as trying to stay alive!

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1. Lose 1-2st. I've started piling on the beef. I could never have been described as fat - but I've now got a severe, rotund mid section.

2. Read 3 books - Not exactly a massive goal, but my leisurely reading has slipped massively to the point where I've not read for leisure in about 2 year.

3. Climb at least 1 Munro - It's ridiculous that I've never done this before.

4. To Save £10,000 - This is an unrealistic target, but I really need to get my arse into gear so that I can put a decent deposit on a house.

4. Buy a house -  Largely dependent on the above. Throughout the years I've flitted from various girlfriends, to parents and back again.

5.  Get fit -  Like a harder version of number 1.

6.  Have a sober month - Fairly self explanatory. Tend to kick the arse out of it too much after pay-day or after the football.

7. Take the other half to a football match - Fairly self explanatory.

8. Find a new job - Not so much a goal as a necessity. Temporary contract until mid-way through the year.

9. Watch 50 new films - Will try and do what Christophe did and post the results in the respective thread on P&B.

That'll do for just now. Nothing major (Except 4 & 5.) so should be fairly achievable.


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This is a post so I remember to come back and edit it. I'll be doing 10 for '20.

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7 hours ago, Ludo*1 said:

 To Save £10,000 - This is an unrealistic target, but I really need to get my arse into gear so that I can put a decent deposit on a house.

4. Buy a house -  Largely dependent on the above. Throughout the years I've flitted from various girlfriends, to parents and back again.



Ludo - did you know the Scottish Government can contribute up to £25k towards your first house. It's worth a look if this if your first house. https://www.gov.scot/policies/homeowners/first-home-fund/

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1. Pass my driving test. - I have had some lessons and passed my theory test so this should be achievable.

2. Swim in 12 new places. - This would equate to one new place a month, even though the Open Water season doesn’t really start till May.

3. Train for and complete a 1 mile OW swim event. - I am comfortable up to 1/2 mile but I need to push on a bit so this should help.

4. Travel to 4 new places. I already have 2 planned, Krakow at the end of Jan and Leiden in March for work so slightly cheating but I want to explore more, so I’ll add another 2 to that.

5. Lose 2 stone. - Ambitious but I’m still a fat b*****d and all the activities I like doing require more fitness to make them enjoyable and not to stress my body. I want to get thinner/fitter so that I can enjoy them more.

6. Achieve my Librarian Chartership - submitted my portfolio so writing on the results.

7. Climb 8 Munros. - I have climbed 2 previously so this will take me up to a nice round 10.

8. Walk 500 miles AND RECORD IT. - I often do these challenges but forget to record the miles I do. This year I am going to record it so I know if I have done it or not!

9. Move to Glasgow. - Got a great new job there and plan to commute to start with. I really fancy moving there, it looks like a fun place to live and I am already paying the price of a rented room in train fares. OH isn’t very keen though, he needs some persuading.

10. Look at buying a house. - Renting sucks so I want to start getting money aside for a deposit (and look into that government scheme above, cheers adam101) before I am actually to old to get a mortgage.

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1. Visit a new football ground - didnt do this last year and plenty grounds I havnt been to.

2. Weigh more than 10 stone. - didnt get over 10 stone this year so be nice to get over my set target

3. Learn to cook 3 meals. - I'm an awful cook and confidence in kitchen is not great. Needs to change

4. Get signed up for the snip- Should of did it this year but didnt happen.

5. Watch 30 films at the cinema - life got in the way and ended up on 22 films this year

6. Watch a full series of something on tv with the wife - just didnt happen and something that should really happen.

7. Read 1 or 2 books - dont really read and have no excuse not to.

8. Sample 3 new restaurants- like trying different places

9. Save 2500 - Is handy to have and hopefully pay off some stuff

10. Finish off the attic - might involve number 9 also but aye would like to finish off the attic in 2020

11. Go on two holidays - would be nice but unsure if this will happen or not.


Daft anes


12. Win foreign league on fm. - dont play enough of it but when I do am usually shite at it.

13. Finish off all movies and series of star trek - sorta cheating but still got plenty to watch , shit load of episodes

14. Organise 3 different events - whether this be paint balling or something along them lines.

15. Pro clubs fifa- use to play this but just died down , will set this up again see if i get any interest.

16. Euros correct scores- managed to get 105 people for champions league correct scores so this time looking to get 150 people involved. Was good fun to do and someone won 350 pound.

17. Complete a computer game - dont really play different computer games from my usual so maybe give me some interest to play a different one.

18. Climb two munros/corbetts- I use to do plenty when I was in scouts many years ago and enjoy it. Just need to find someone who would take an interest in this.

19. A weekend away with the wife- probably wont happen as has never happened since we have had kids , see what can happen next year.

20. Sort the garden out - majority of it is alright just not the way i want it to be. Next year maybe get in a good place.


A lot of shite half of it at least but meh it is what it is.


Maybe get this pinned ?



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Next year's instalment of fail:

1. Finish the munros. I've got the routes planned for my last 52, I've got shitloads of holidays. Just need the weather to play ball.

2. Cycle 3,500 miles

3. Munro summit camp

4. Get my golf handicap into category 1

5. Get my landscape photography mojo back

6. Do a couple of lengthy mountain bike XC routes at least

7. More bothying/wild camping in general

8. Save £3,000

9. Make a proper effort at losing weight and getting properly fit

10. Definitely stop smoking

11. Try a plant-based diet for a month - I watched a doc called Game Changers on Netflix. Some of the science was pretty iffy, however i think it would be interesting to give it a bash and see how it affects me. Although i do loads of fitness stuff my diet is pretty poor. 

12. Foreign holiday. I haven't been abroad since 1990 and tbh I'm getting fed up of taking weeks off in Scotland only to endure shite weather. 

That's all I can think of for now


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Gonna do this, but start small and realistic...

1. Laminate the whole of downstairs and my bedroom. We haven't done anything with the flooring since we moved in and it is looking tatty.

2. Sort out the garden. It is a mess with having heavy rain and heavy dogs.

3. Take the kids to the park more often. I am a cock stride from the Campy and don't utilise it enough.

4. Quit vaping. I have been doing it for 3 years now since I quit smoking and I am getting board of it now.

5. Go out with the wife more just as a couple. We really enjoy each other's company but don't get it much with the kids but they are getting older now and we should be able to find more time.

6. Fit the dishwasher. It is an integrated one from our old house and I haven't had the time/been arsed to fit it.

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I'm in again! 

1. Survive another year 😂

2. I never actually got my Will signed sealed etc so I need to do this early next year. 

3. Try and get back to my normal hours at work. I start back in January on a phased return.

4. Raise money for a charity that has supported me over the last year called Mummy's Star. They support mums who have been diagnosed with cancer in pregnancy or the first year of their babies life. They are wonderful and I'd like to give them something back.

5. Take kids to Center Parcs again.

6. Stop relying on my parents so much. I'd like to be in a position where my mum doesn't need to live with us anymore. 

7. Foreign holiday. All being well we are off to Mexico in February so will complete that then.

8. Start going back to the football more often.

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It's the usual lose weight, sort my money and get on in work for me this year. I'll still be fat and broke this time next year though.

Only specific goal for the year is to play regularly for my cricket club's second XI, which is a level up from what I currently play regularly. Achievable with a bit of work on my fitness and some disciplined improvements in my bowling.

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Always enjoy reading this thread, so I’ll take part this year. 

1 - Stop the sober cigarettes. Don’t mind being a smelly jakie hanging about outside pubs because everyone knows drinking and smoking goes together excellently, but need to cut out the sober ones. Been better this year, but still far too many weeks when I come up with an excuse to buy a pocket. 

2 - Lose a stone and a half. Been putting the beef on the last few years, need to get hench. Ties in with number 1 in that exercise should become easier. 

3 - Cook properly more often than not. Bad for going home after a long day at work and either grabbing something on the way home or having something like a toastie or a bacon sandwich and justifying that as a proper dinner.

4 - Get promoted at work. This should happen but need to make sure it does. 

5 - Visit three new countries. Try to do this every year, Scotland qualifying in the play offs and getting Norway would hinder this as I’ve been, but if we get Serbia it should be pretty achievable. 

6 - Do a sober month. I’m very bad at not being able to say no to a night out and nobody likes the sober guy in a pub, but be good to give my liver a prolonged rest. January is hectic at work and so provides the perfect opportunity. 

7 - Organise a secondment at work. Will require a lot of effort and persistence on my part, something I’m not normally fond of, but the rewards of working abroad for six months will be worth it. Not holding my breath on this one, but good to have it down as a challenge. 

8 - Advance my ability in a second language. Like the majority of white, british morons, I only know one. I’d like to make a proper effort to learn a second. I lived in China for a year after University, and yet to my shame only know basic vocabulary. Must improve. 

9 - Play more golf. This year I didn’t get out nearly enough, but it’s something I really enjoy doing. Would ideally be looking at at least a dozen rounds over the year. Will count anything over that as a pass. 

10 - Be able to run 10k continuously. My fitness is poor just now, meaning, linked to one and two, but this should be achievable. 

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1. Learn to drive - I wanted to have passed my test by this time this year, but I started late in the year with the lessons and had a couple of wobbles, including bursting a tyre just before Christmas, which will not deter me!

2. Keep in touch with friends and family. Late 2018 I pretty much cut all contact with my parents and sister. The weeks leading up until that Christmas nearly put me in a box, and their actions didn’t help, only enabled the situation. We’ve recently struck up contact again, and I would like that to continue. Same with friends; I wasn’t the best friend this year because my head has been all over the place so hoping to be a better mate in general.

3. Get a holiday. I love getting away, and got to Las Vegas this year, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to. I doubt it will be that extravagant in 2020, but even a week/10 days in Turkey would be magic.

4. Do one good thing around the house every month. My house is well over 100 years old, and looks it in places. Pretty much all of it needs done up, from the living room being painted to the brickwork. I would like to have the place looking smashing this time next year.

5. Can’t be done by me, but see us free of the British, and our own, independent country.

6. My eldest son has Aspergers and it’s most likely that he will be going to a different secondary school than his classmates. I would love to see him thriving in the new environment and make friends.





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Ill do 10 and I’ll add to this when I can think of more:

1. Tick off another Scottish island - preference is for one of the bigger ones, Arran and Orkney are up there with ones I need to get to. Not been to the Small Isles either.

2. Continue my training towards mountain leader - I’ve already completed my training for this but it was a year and half ago and I’ve not been getting up as much hills as I would like. I need to take it a bit more seriously.

3. Buy a hide, do wildlife photography and get a photo I’m pleased with- right now my photography is restricted to roaming about and shooting what I see. I need to make more of my own luck and if I do so I should reap the rewards with some class shots.

4. Do a munro summit camp/landscape photography at the top - I’ve got a one man tent and no excuse to get myself up a munro and get some photos during the “golden hour” which is something I’m desperate to do.

5. Continue my career development outside of work/spend less time looking at shite on my phone - in particular, teach myself how to use a mapping software programme and read more work reports. Pretty boring stuff but important for furthering my career I think. I don’t read books anymore and that’s another thing I should do more often instead of scrolling aimlessly through social media.

6. Plant some trees - I want to do this on a wee hill near my home, I collected some seeds in autumn just past so I’m hoping they will be ready for spring. If that fails I should volunteer to do a days planting, probably with Trees For Life.

7. Learn more about mushrooms and eat a new one that I’ve picked - in autumn just past I had a superb time harvesting chanterelles and eating them for breakfast in omelettes. There’s loads of edibles out there but I don’t know enough to have the confidence of eating them. If I do some more research, read some more books, I’d like to be confident enough to be able to point out mushrooms on a walk and know what the most common ones are.

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Haven't done this for a few years, but the change in decade and my advancing years have inspired me.

Here's my 2020 vision.

1. Get my BMI back down to sub 24 - I'm currently in the high 25s and in risk of needing new clothes if I go any higher.

2. Get back in the pool - I used to swim competitively and the Royal Commonwealth Pool is close by, so I've no excuse.

3. Eat in healthier - Try to take my 5-a-day up to 7-a-day.

4. Eat out healthier - Choose the veggie option (if palatable) and skip the pudding. I did this for Lent a few years back and managed fine.

5. Drink more water - I normally only have a mug of coffee with my breakfast and a glass of milk with my dinner so I suspect I might be dehydrated.

6. Improve my sleep - I've finally got a routine that gets me to sleep at a sensible time. Now I need to work out how to stop waking up at 3.30 every morning.

7. Cut back on packaging - I will try to make better choices when shopping.

8. Buy (and use) an electric bicycle - My plans to use my regular bike to commute never last as there are long hill climbs involved and I end up driving instead.

9. (Re)start to learn Italian - I've got all the resources from a previous attempt and a bit more free time now.

10. Learn to cook a mean risotto for the family - I'm a half-decent cook when I put my mind to it and I love a good risotto.

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Aiming for 10, will add some as I think of them.

  1. Keep getting fitter. Specifically to track a goal, I want to squat 140kg and get close to 200kg deadlift this year.
  2. Have a basic conversation with someone in Gaelic. It really was *basic* but an actual Gaelic speaker asked me a question and I could answer it.
  3. Get fluent in French.
  4. Read at least 1 book a month, I've been terrible all year at starting books then not finishing them in favour of aimlessly scrolling news on my phone. progress: 1/12 books
  5. Wild camp overnight somewhere.
  6. Sell something I made. I'm always woodworking for fun and the missus suggested I turn this into a side hustle.
  7. Build a porch over the back door of the house. Stretch goal: build a new back door to replace the one that doesn't properly shut for reasons I have yet to figure out.
  8. Climb a Munro. I've not done one in ages, which is pathetic.


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