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General Election 2019 - AND IT’S LIVE!

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1 minute ago, Ralstonite said:

They'd have haemorrhaged votes to the Lib Dems.

I don't think they would have. Remain voters are higher information voters, have other priorities and are concentrated in cities where Labour can afford to lose some votes.

Labour leave voters were more valuable as we have seen tonight. 


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They'd have haemorrhaged votes to the Lib Dems.

Not taking a side - isolate the hard Brexiters by going for the soft Brexit route.


But they were too scared of both the hard Remainers and the Brexit wing of their own party.


The other alternative was to say to May - we'll accept your deal so long as it goes to an affirmative vote.


They got on board with a referendum way too late.


And the "I will be neutral" in the referendum came across as someone who just didn't show leadership.


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Just now, D'Jaffo said:


It was a massive take when SNP won the Skye seat but Orkney would top that.

Skye had been coming. I lived there when Donnie Munro was the Labour candidate. The constituency stretched from Inverness though IIRC. Apparently, the Labour vote held up but plummeted when it reached Skye and Lochalsh. All due to the toll bridge. Labour promised to abolish the tolls then once in power forgot about it. Had to be dragged there by SNP and Libs.

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1 minute ago, ICTJohnboy said:

Lord Newby suggesting the Lib Dems might have had a good night in Scotland.

I don't think so.

Christine Jardine has just said pretty much the same thing. It seems to be based more on what they've been told at the doors during campaigning rather than anything solid. It would be hugely amusing if the Conservatives win a huge majority and the SNP fail to take 50 seats. 

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Sturgeons main direction on this election was to stop Boris, that worked out well  for her. Looks like there is an immediate raising of the £ and investment in the UK, all good
The pound was always going to go up because the markets like certainty rather than uncertainty. The possibility of a hung parliament meant uncertainty, so the pound went down. It would have went up had Labour been shown to have won a majority. But of course you know that, because you're not stupid.
Seems the massive pro-Tory bias across the media has done the job on plenty of idiots in England and Wales.
It certainly helped. Some of the Facebook comments, messages that Mrs Montalbano gets on her game she plays (which seems to be populated by people who believed everything about Corbyn being a paid up member of the IRA but refused to accept any of the stuff about Johnston and dismissed it as "Fake News" because the BBC is biased to the left), etc made it clear they were happy to believe every negative story about Labour and negative articles about the Conservatives were thin on the ground.
Would be good to get a Conservative majority. Only party who can be trusted to spend money wisely
That'll be why the national debt has went down so much and, no, wait, it's went up astronomically while there have been cuts to public services. I guess if spending wisely you mean helping out people who don't need help while shafting everyone else then fair enough...
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Incredible exit poll but hard to believe right now. I dearly hope it's true!  

Total constitutional crisis  now regardless. 

Swinson gone would be utter, utter humiliation for the Lib-dems


Lets see this pans out but could be a glorious night!  

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2 minutes ago, Ralstonite said:

Let's assume that 35-40% of the electorate are nationalists. If the SNP attract most of them and a few unionists/undecided who don't like Corbyn or Boris, then the rest is split between three unionist parties. With FPTP it's quite easy for the SNP to win the seat.

Daft opening sentence aside, this is what I was (hilariously incorrectly) saying before. Do just enough to keep the traditional base onside and sweep up the uncommitted voters by not talking up independence.

If (big if, let’s see the actual result) they’ve had a great night on a strong pro-Indy message, then it is a massive statement from Scotland. Not just on independence itself but on Johnson’s legitimacy over the Scottish Parliament. 

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