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11 minutes ago, Div said:

Our own app has been withdrawn I'm afraid, it is no longer available in the app stores.

Search for "Tapatalk" and download that in the meantime. It can be used to connect to our form in the meantime whilst we are waiting on the new forum app being launched. That unfortunately is going to be delayed.

The Tapatalk app is basically the exact same as the one we previously had, but it will have their adverts on it (not ours) if you use the free one.

Or you can just use the mobile version of our forum using your normal browser on your phone (Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.....)

Cheers man, using browser the now and it’s no bad tbh. Will check out tapatalk app though and see what it’s like 

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59 minutes ago, grumswall said:

@Div is the app finished now? Not been able to use it for the past half hour or so. 

Nothing has changed over and above the recent announcements that I am aware of. Android or iOS?

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36 minutes ago, Div said:

I've upgraded the Tapatalk plugin on our side to the latest version, can you retry and see if that has resolved please?

No difference. Same as before when I couldn't even get into Tapatalk.

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