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2 hours ago, 3yardsout said:

It’s a shambles that we pumped your team ever time we played you!! Jealousy is a horrible thing. Now f**k off and stop following us like a stupid wee obsessed girl that you are!! If you put as much effort into your own team you’s might win something!! You are a p***k end off!! 


Name calling, class!!

Why would anyone be jealous of u lot?

Can u enlighten me as to where u see the future of Syngenta under the new regime? Give me something to be jealous about....please.

Fact is u lot are only in there because other teams knocked Syngenta back. U were a last resort to prevent them folding and due to the shambolic position u found urselfs in at Leafa it was a no brainer for u's.

Personally dont see where this goes tbh. Only thing u's can do to try and salvage it is to throw money at it which might no be an issue but how long does that last and is that something Syngenta as a Club are prepared to let hapen. 


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4 hours ago, 3yardsout said:

100% but with 11 men we win hands down 

Also took in the game.

You went 1 nil down with 11 men, your goal rebounded of a tackle & your only real chance came when you had 8 men....not sure 100% is accurate.


Certainly would have had a better chance if it wasnt made so easy for the referee to send the boys off.

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Took in this game as was down visiting family in the area. Decent enough game with not much between the teams. Have to say the discipline of Syngenta was shocking, 3 simple red cards with the last being one of the worst I’ve seen in football. A typical example of someone trying to just do someone instead of going for the ball.

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