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Fourthfar vs Raith - Saturday 28th

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2 minutes ago, Hank Scorpio said:

Hopefully those wee Forfar minks managed to find it within themselves to resist bricking the supporters bus this time.

The ones behind the home dugout were celebrating half time like a win, bet they are gutted. 


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Without being there, and being out n about just seeing the odd update, I genuinely just thought it was Vaughan going off because he had banged, then got a txt and read what’s on here, that win doesn’t taste so good now - absolutely gutted for the boy, I hope it is just minor strain 🤞🏻
Brilliant win, and good to see a fight back. And Davo has been pretty decent in the last few weeks except for the mare kick/concede the corner that led to Munro being injured last week, so he’s been due a mare haha! But f**k me, bet he still roared and blamed someone else.
Anyway, great win & hopefully Vaughan is orite. Enjoy your Saturday night folks

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1 hour ago, grumswall said:

Was it a tackle or was it like last time?

He appeared to take a swing at the ball, miss it or pull back then crumbled. Travis's reaction was instant, he obviously saw, heard or realised something was very wrong. Tragic for the boy.

The Loons deserved something out of that game. Had to laugh at the reaction to Ross Forbes diving after several Raith players throwing themselves all over the park before that. The ref seemed to see things that didn't happen or not see things that did all over the park to both teams.

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Davo made one mistake and played well aside from that. And he didnt blame anyone else. Defenders mistakes are amplified. Vaughan's injury was brutal. Down like he'd been shot and players from both sides immediately attending to him. Forfar were agricultural, to say the least, and if they weren't pushing or pulling, were throwing themselves in the air and to the deck at the merest touch, or in the case of Forbes, even without a touch. McLean, who scored their goal, another culprit. Approx 9ft13 but toppled by the breeze every 8 mins or so. Good battling 2nd half after poor 1st from Raith, and just about deserved 3 points, but I, like others fear Vaughan may be finished.

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9 minutes ago, Ding Dang Doo said:

Just had a message from a guy who was involved with medical side of things at Forfar today and he's saying it's a dislocated knee cap. Would still be serious but nowhere near as bad.



I've had that injury before and did it exactly how Vaughan did, which would make sense. I've also torn ligaments and dislocating is a far better injury in the long run, as disgusting as it looks. 

Would make sense, players looked visably shocked on both sides. 

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