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This cannot be allowed to continue.

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The time has arrived where radical change is needed in the way our football club is being run. For far too long people have been allowed to run this club the wrong way.

Us season ticket holders must demand change and demand it this week, we have now had 2 managers decline our offer of managing a potentially good club and guaranteed we will now end up sliding all the way into the Highland league if we do not stand together and insist on change.

This Club which was once the best football club in Angus has stood still whilst others have embraced change and looked to the future, the result is now clear to see, Arbroath, Forfar and Montrose well ahead financially because of their vision and willingness to listen to others and plan for the future.

If you continue to do what you have always done you we will not be here in a couple of years time, why is it that all the successful business people in Brechin don't have any involvement?

It is time to get us out of this mess now before it is too late, the committee have picked the people to manage the club and if compensation was paid to Darren Dodds for being a failure i do hope they paid this money from their own pockets because no manager in the lower leagues deserves to be paid for failure. 


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