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The Big Relegation Thread

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2 hours ago, Coventry Saint said:

Liquidation, newco, re-entry into League 2? It's a bold move to avoid relegation and I'm excited to see how it'll play out.

They have Killie this season as their insurance policy, though to make the guy who put the cones out manager is certainly a bold move designed to make it more interesting.

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1 hour ago, johnnydun said:

If only to watch Gowser stick the heid on Tony Watt.

Would be less effective as he has hair now IMO.  Would soften the blow a bit.

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8 hours ago, Alert Mongoose said:

Let's keep some balance in here.



Was thinking the same :D Martindale was right about it to be fair, we had a good season in the end. Is Fox as good as Martindale though, I think not.

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Won't often say this but I was glad to see Hearts get a last minute equalizer yesterday especially after DundeeUtd. winning on Saturday - as someone said earlier in the thread anyone from the bottom10 could find themselves struggling and for all the online mood over Saints prospects has lightened of late none of the underlying problems have been shown to be solved - if we score first we look capable of sitting on the lead, but if we concede first....

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