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Standing Bowl XVII


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The teams I *didn't* take but could have were:

Dolphins / Bengals/ Falcons (no explanation needed)

Oakland (think LAC are on a run now and will stuff them)

Arizona (don't feel good about this one)

Titans (too dicey to pick if Mahomes is back)

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1 hour ago, Fuctifano said:

So what's the tie break situation like? I think I'm still live though would need quite a low scoring game tonight. @Swarley


32 minutes ago, Spain said:

I'm needing a fairly high scoring game (but not unreasonably so). For me to be bang on, it'd be the 4th highest scoring game of the week.

Well, well, well, well. It comes down to the tie break and we have to wait a few more hours for the final game of the round to split these two warriors. I'll keep the tie break answers back just now to maximise the tension but lets just say that we're now in overtime and Fuctifano has the ball.....

Fuctifano 2/5

Colts ❌

Browns ✔️

Giants ❌

Buccanneers ✔️

Lions ❌

Spain 2/5

Saints ❌

Panthers ❌

Raiders ✔️

Steelers ✔️

Lions ❌

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With the score tied at 2 all we headed into overtime. Fuctifano won the toss, threw an interception, Spain had to punt, Fuctifano had to punt, Spain missed a field goal...

The total number of points scored in Week 10 was 600, our contestant's guesses were;

@Fuctifano 591

@Spain 608

So the winner BY ONE POINT is @Spain. Congrats mate not only on winning the longest Standing Bowl ever, but winning it for a record FOURTH time and also being the first to go back to back. Commiserations @Fuctifano an outstanding effort and it'll be absolutely no consolation but you would easily have won it in any previous comp.

Thanks to all who competed. I'm not sure we've got enough weeks left for another one. We'll see.



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Oh me oh my. What an epic. Commiserations Fucti, quite literally could not have been run any closer.

Time to squeeze in another provided we don't break the old record again (7 weeks had been the record until now on 3 occasions)?

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