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Brechin City vs Queens park

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Back in May i was speaking to a Montrose fan that i know through work and was asking him about Brechin as i was anticipating another good side joining in league 2. To my surprise he reckoned Brechin would struggle and the evidence so far suggests he was correct. As for us it'll be interesting to see how we measure up in the next few matches which perhaps will provide a step up in class.

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Can't say I was surprised at how poor Brechin looked, as their results over a long period now have been pish, but It was great to watch us boss the game up there (apart from maybe 10 minutes after we missed the penalty but our defence was solid)  Our record at Glebe Park has been pretty crap since the early 70s so while I'm not getting carried away, it's a nice feeling to go to places like that and win comfortably ( anyone mind that horrific game when we we were 5 down at half time?)

Galt is a class act and he can't be stopped when he is on his game. I expect him to score more goals this season than before. Lidouren is all over the park, his energy and enthusiasm is fantastic, and Block is getting better each game. Delighted for Moore as he works so hard, big decision to start him and  it paid off

Made it to the wee bar under that stand for the first time.....well, about 10 minutes before kick off. Will get there earlier next time hopefully but was enjoying the Dalhousie  too much

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