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Airdrieonians vs. Clyde

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When it comes to Rumsby I think he has the ability to play at this level but would really require an experienced CB in there with him. I'm not sure about Howie I've not seen enough of him to judge if he could make it yet but unfortunately Petkov shows very little of what is required for a team like us this season when what we need is someone who is proven at this level, getting a player like that would be very difficult for what budget if any we have left.

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I said at the game that we've now tried Howie-Rumsby and Petkov-Rumsby but not Howie-Petkov. Now I'm not saying that pairing wouldn't be a disaster either but Rumsby seems to have avoided quite a lot of stick compared to the other defenders despite turning in below average performances in every game so far. Glad someone else noticed that and I'm not imagining it!


Howie/petkov wouldn’t work as neither are dominant in the air, which you need at cb. Petkov gets caught under the ball far too often and being dominant isn’t howies style.


Mcniff & howie could be a partnership to go with if we can plug the gap at left back. Played together vs poor opposition in colts game and mcniff made a few errors but he is a dominant guy that will win his headers and Howie is composed, reads the game well and brings the ball out.


I’m honestly at a loss as to why we bothered signing petkov, he doesn’t bring much to the table.


Agree that rumsby has been flying under the radar for criticism but is struggling big time.

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