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Predictions 10/08

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Albion Rovers 0 Cove 4 (sorry Rovers but Cove looked tasty last week and I don't think your usual home advantage will count against them)

Annan 2 Elgin 1

Cowdenbeath 1 Stirling 1

Edinburgh City 0 Brechin City 2 (reverse psychology/bad luck in play here!)

Spiders 0 Not Warbury Warriors 2

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Albion Rovers 2-3 Cove Rangers  -  (Wouldn't be surprised if Rovers got something here, but Cove are quite, shall we say, streetwise. (especially Megginson!)

Annan 1-2 Elgin  -  (Annan look weaker than last season, and Elgin with a strong start could nick this.)

Cowdenbeath 2-0 Stirling -  (Cowden need to be good at home to do anything,  Stirling just a collection of cast-offs, Home win here)

Edinburgh City 1-1 Brechin - (A few weeks ago this might have been viewed as a home banker, but recent form means this could go either way)

Queens Park 2-1 Stenhousemuir  -  (Queens have done well so far, decent results give confidence for a home win here.)

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Annan 1 Elgin City 1
Albion Rovers 1 Cove 3
Cowdenbeath 1 Stirling Albion 2
Edinburgh City 2 Brechin City 0
Queens Park 1 Stenhousemuir 1

Binos to get first points of the season at Central Park, draw at Annan, Cove continue where they left off against Edinburgh City at Coatbridge, Edinburgh City get the 3 points and a draw between Queens and Stenny.

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Albion rovers 0-3 Cove Rangers
Annan 1-3 Elgin
Cowdenbeath 0-1 Stirling
Edinburgh City 0-2 Brechin
Queens Park 1-1 Stenhousemuir

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