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Elgin City 2019/20

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Less than a week until the season starts, what are we expecting? Squad looks pretty strong I'd say, just need to hope (and maybe pray) that we can get through the season. Going to a game at some point would be nice too.

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I think there is potentially goals in the team. It’s the other end I worry about and think Ross Graham is a big loss. Could do with another wife left footed player. What’s happened to McPhee? Always difficult to predict as there is not much between teams apart possibly from QP. A good start is crucial in a shortened season. I would guess our usual 5th 6th mid table mediocrity but with potential for better.

All that said I have some doubt the 27 game season will be finished. Think players catching Covid Is inevitable and how that affects squads and potentially cancelled/ forfeited games is an unknown. Also think potentially relegation will be cancelled again if a shortened season plays out. I don’t know what contingency plans are in place for that.

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From Facebook:


We are finalising the finishing touches to our online live streaming platform for our first competitive fixture of the Season this Saturday where we host Stirling Albion FC in the Betfred Cup.

Firstly, we have to say a massive Thank You to our Sponsor’s Mcdonald & Munro, Robertson’s & our Website designer Stephen Hamilton for assisting us with the installation of the camera & online platform.

Our Pay Per View for our opening Betfred Cup match will be at a reduced £4.99. We ask you are patient with us this Saturday as this will be the first time using the system & we are using this match as a trial run. 

The Season Ticket Package will be £80 which will give you access to all 14 League Home Games on Elgin City TV. In addition, should the doors open again you will also receive a Ground Season Ticket for the remaining games.

We know this is not the way football should be watched and we are desperate to welcome you all back to Borough Briggs when it is safe to do so. For now, we hope you can support us and the team by watching us through this platform.

We will issue steps on the signing up process when it is all finalised tomorrow.

As always Thank You for your Support!


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Good that your giving coverage to the lower leagues but you need to do your homework. Mcewan did indeed come from Stirling Uni but he is from Elgin and played for them prior to Uni. Gavins pubs are in Aberfeldy and you talk about McHardy and Cooper being stalwarts, rightly butCameron has played prob double the games they have played. Would like to see a bit more accuracy in your musings! Just my thoughts. Good luck.

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