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Elgin City 2019/20

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Graham Tatters in todays P&J is dead against any reconstruction due to the current prizemoney pot being diluted with potentially 2 new teams (Brora & Kelty) although I understand his point, there is part of me that thinks this more down to the increased threat of his team facing more competition therefore adding to potentially being relegated at some point in the next few years.

Given Elgin's recent form I don't think they have anything to worry about in that regard but with Brora being in the league there would potentially be  added competition of signing North based players although Elgin seem to still have a lot of south based players in their current squad and always have had.

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Your only one bad season from relegation. In this league squads change radically year on year. A particular concern if the following season they decide to increase the relegation number to get rid of the extra teams. I get his concerns whether it’s money or competition and would guess every other team in the league has the same concerns

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Was interesting to listen to Tatters speaking on the radio at the weekend.
Can't really see the 14-14-14 proposal getting much backing in the higher leagues. I really don't see how any of the lower league teams are going to be able to sign any players at all if there is no one going to be allowed in through the gates, no income at all. Maybe the players will need to sign amateur forms and just take the hit and play for nothing for a few months until the vaccine allows proper crowds to come back.
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I remember thinking a team mate was wearing a City top to training when I was younger. As I grew up outside of Moray that seemed unlikely but from behind it looked identical to mine. I realised when I saw it from the front that it was in fact a Juventus shirt.

Still coping ok with this whole situation but really missing going to the fitba on a Saturday now and cannot wait for the first game back at BB, whether it's July, November or this time next year.

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2 hours ago, Thom & Gerry said:

Read Tatters saying we have 11 signed players for next season. Off the top of me head

McHale, Cooper, Spark, McHardy, Cameron, McEwan, Hester, Osalador, new lad from Stirling Uni. Anybody know the other two, young lads?

Gowser and David Wilson 

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