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Scotland's Shame

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A small minority eh? That's what the official statement states about their own bigots at sevco. Certainly doesn't like it when you hear them in full cry. Must just be a habit. Having your club ripped apart and liquidated can leave a lingering bitter taste for sevco fans.

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Whats the words to this song that make it so bad. mentioned by delegate when other stuff gets ignored week in week out in other parts of Glasgow.

Classic whataboutery


I think a partial stadium closure is the only way to go here .


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6 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

I always took that song as a message of f**k you to the arse cheeks and the shite they bring into the football. A pretty intellectual wee ditty in fact. 

Clearly, the intent in the song is to state that as a diddy fan, you have no interest in the bollocks the ‘OF’ indulge in, one side blessing the Pope, or the other side wanting God to save the Queen, and the associated republican / loyalist shite they bring to Scottish football. It’s nothing to do with the Pope or the Queen themselves,  and wanting to see both of these people fcuked. Having said that, the language used, merely taken at face value, is troublesome. St Mirren fans stopped singing this ditty a good while ago. Best to just let it die. Not worth it.

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