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Scotland's Shame

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Gazza said: “Hopefully they have got a good chance to prove people wrong in the derby on Sunday by not causing any trouble whatsoever and obviously the same applies to the Europa League match against Legia Warsaw.

Gazza the voice of common sense at the Bronx...🤷‍♂️

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54 minutes ago, IggyStooge said:

Correct. The people who hang on the words of the VB are at best the thickest dregs of humanity and at worst absolutely unhinged sinister weirdos.


InkedScreenshot_2019-08-29 2nd UEFA Charge(1)_LI.jpg

Defcon 5 would be the least severe level of danger, so that's good I suppose.

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4 hours ago, Marshmallo said:

Every reaction to this online or through TRFC's statement is that fans should stop singing these songs because it "hurts the club", not because "sectarianism is repulsive". Very telling the way things are being worded.

I've often thought that over these last few days.  Even the relatively enlightened sounding responses highlight the harm these people are doing to Rangers, as the sole motivation to stop.  

I suppose what it shows is that the kind of sanctions our game runs in fear from, are actually effective.  If that's encouraging though, it's at least equally dispiriting that there's still no real recognition that sectarianism is of itself, not very nice.

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UEFA have certainly stepped up their intolerance of intolerance since 2006. Perhaps the SFA will get there in due course. No sniggering.


' McBeth said that, if clubs did not take sufficient action, the SFA could impose fines, close grounds or impose suspensions. ' warnock.png

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Just imagine a last minute winner for legia....resulting in a massive uproar of anger and bitter orange seeth from the unhinged morons that are the Rangers support, followed by a massive rendition of billy boys ending up in serious penalties to the rangers.

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18 minutes ago, Sheep62 said:

Obviously not wanting to be outdone in headlines department by the other cheeks.

Red flares ?

Are they wannabe Dons ?

Another week, another ‘OF’ game, another act of scumfuckery. How many times do these cnuts need to be told that pyrotechnics in an enclosed area of a football stadium are dangerous / banned items / illegal / will get your club fined?

Every year, season after season.  They just keep doing it. They are a law unto themselves, and, one must assume, thick fcukwits who simply cannot, and will not, take a telling. Hope UEFA hammer these cnuts too.

Greatest fans in the world. Away and fcuk yersels. Let’s play tomorrow’s ‘Celtic / Scottish Media Bingo’... chalk them off...

It was a minority.

Spoiling it for decent fans.

We have tried everything.

The Swedish police over-reacted.

The Swedish police were heavy handed.

The safety standards of the stadium were....


....yadda, fcuk, yadda, divert, yadda-yadda, the other lot are worse, leave us alone, stop criminalising football fans... or else, we’ll paint a banner. We will, just you see. A fcuking big one too. Fcuk Abba anyway.

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