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Scottish cup 2019/20

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Dont assume that all these teams would want to play in the same league. One of the main reasons we moved from the old Lanarkshire League was there were too many teams from Wishaw in it at that time. Certainly wasn't the main reason but it was an issue. Memory isn't what it was but I'm sure there were 4 or 5 teams in Wishaw at that time and that was before Wishaw Wycombe were on the go. Wouldn't want to go back to those days.
It's a very fair point and I wouldn't want to play only local teams either. Travel isn't a major issue across west/central scotland as it's no more than an hour to most matches.

If there was various different levels and divisions though teams would be spread out based on their abilities so they wouldn't just be playing teams near them. More local district leagues could maybe be used at the very lowest levels but not for the top teams.

All I'm saying is that amateur football in the west/central area could maybe do more to look at whether the current structure with various different league set-ups is making the best of things.

Look at LEAFA - they have one league structure/association covering a large area without 5 or 6 different leagues with their own interests competing against each other.

Conscious I'm hijacking a thread about the Scottish Cup so I'll stop now lol.

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I'm not bothered in the slightest mate. There was a claim that this is best strike force in the league and all I am saying is his wife claimed it was a load of shite and Stewart has told me too my face he can only play first five games so that's it really 

Fair enough mate when him and Connor are up top there’s no a better strike force on that league imo

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I would agree with the aforementioned pyramid type system for amateur to follow Scottish leagues in general. However I don't feel all clubs would benefit from going back to regionalised games, as the cream would come back to the top anyway and would have wasted a year or so.

Teams should be asked to apply for super league set up 1 or 2 leagues, governed by the SAFA, those who don't apply should be grouped locally. The promotion to super league set up could be play off from all regional winners and relegated teams would go back to their local area.

Super league teams should have ownership of facilities. long term sponsors (guaranteed for couple of years), proof of funds to be sustainable etc etc.

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