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3 hours ago, HeWhoWalksBehindTheRows said:

It was a hard fucking slog in higher English I can tell you. 

Always remember the bit in the Brookmyer novel when the guy is saying to his old English teacher that a book about teuchter farmers raping their Daughters is maybe not the best story to try to get teenagers into Scottish literature. 

Still, it gave me and my pals a classic line that we still use to this day 

"Your my flesh and blood Chrissie, I'll do with you as I please."


Teuchters gonna teucht.

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16 hours ago, ThatBoyRonaldo said:

 Swing Hammer Swing is a great shout but it's one that seems bizarrely underrated to me - you don't seem to hear it talked about as much as some other novels.

For years I wrongly thought Swing Hammer Swing would be some sort of dreary, social realist novel about ship yards because of the title.

It's one of the funniest books i've ever read and the bit where the main character ends up in a bad situation in Possil is absolutely brilliant.

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