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The official Boris pm cluster-fuck thread


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Got to love the brass neck of the cnut. big party and lovely farewell speech for someone who has effectively been sacked. BBC absolutely lapping it up.


When you see some of the kids belonging to the Torie MP's you have to feel sorry for them, they never had a chance in life. cursed from birth.


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2 hours ago, Theroadlesstravelled said:

The BBC pundits asking each other if he’s moving to Cincinnati.

It’d be a decent idea. Jerry Springer was mayor there and Boris has a decent track record for being able to get halfwits frothy as well. 

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7 hours ago, Hedgecutter said:

Seeing his exit speech just now, he seems to be walking away from the role genuinely convinced that he's been a brilliant PM.

Lots of banging on about "lowest unemployment since X" without actually thinking about how meaningful that is (with respect to the number of low hours - low paid jobs out there).  Just one example of failing to grasp the reality of the world outside the one of privilege.

The aim is never to make sure that people are receiving enough money to live a decent life, but to be kept on the constant verge of financial disaster, and too busy to complain and organise. Boris and his predecessors have been successful to that end, until now.

Further measures are now required to get the plebs back in their box.

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1 hour ago, Soapy FFC said:

So, the Conservatives are now defining a generation as a couple of years?

I also saw one of the Tory right-wingers on Jeremy Vine state that David Cameron was PM “a generation ago”…

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