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The official Boris pm cluster-fuck thread


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Some people can't take their drink. Tories are apparently lightweights as well as sex pests.

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1 minute ago, Sherrif John Bunnell said:

Zahawi with the ultimate heel turn

seth rollins wrestling GIF by WWE



1 minute ago, The Master said:

Ouch, that was utterly brutal from the chair there. 

You know it’s not real, mate 

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Posted (edited)

Kwarteng gone now, apparently. 

Edited by Comrie
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Can't wait for next season and the many utter minters in blue singing "Rule Britannia" ..........holy fook that is gonna be a side splitting moment for all the rest of us within the ground 🤣

They should be laughed  out the park,at the utter stupidity of singing that song,as this island is a busted flush now and we rule no one,far less the waves or anything else !!!

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Just now, Tynie Pecksniff said:

I was almost to young to appreciate the carving up of Thatcher but this is truly magnificent.

Quite possibly the worst prime minister in history, a duplicitous mendacious piece of shit.  A cad, a philanderer, a despicable c**t.

f**k off you fat bag of shit, I wish you nothing but pain and misery.

Watching someone get piled on in this way triggers some natural sympathy response in the brain, then you remember that this is just a nest of utter scum. devouring themsleves and eachother in an attempt to wear the stripes for a brief spell until they too are devoured. 

Sympathy is overriden, and replaced by the unbridled joy of a burning desire to see someone so deserving of betrayal and suffering finally receive it. 

I hope this utterly breaks him. I hope his next steps involve criminal proceedings, time in jail and beatings/abuse the likes of which he couldnt even dream about. 

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