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The Glasgow Cup


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Finished Partick 1 Queen's Park 2 this afternoon.

Queen's took the lead in the 5th minute with a Jack Thomson header, Thistle equalised eight minutes later through Ross MacIver.

Winning goal came in 55 minutes, Alex Bannon crossing from the left for a close range tap in for Callum Biggar.

Queen's saw out the game reasonably comfortably, closest Thistle came to an equaliser was when Charlie Fox gave the ball away on the edge of the box and Thistle hit the post with the shot.

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Yeah we hit the post (Owens) and Murray was unlucky with a powerful shot just over the bar near the end. Jai (Quitongo, Jai on his shirt) smashed a fairly easy shot over the bar early in the second half and seemed a bit rattled throughout.

Thought QP deserved their win tbh. I thought Stanway played well for us in midfield. Murray looked quite dangerous in an actual no. 10 role. MacIver held the ball okay, had a few chances as the main striker and took his goal well, but looks a bit short of confidence as you would imagine.

Taggart came on and created a brilliant chance for himself but just thought he could keep skinning folk instead of actually shooting. Looked a bit like Mr. Burns’ alien coming on as the sub. Would be spooky as f**k in the fog.


Don’t be afraid.


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On 01/02/2022 at 01:15, HibeeJibee said:
Queen's Park v Celtic confirmed Tuesday 22nd February... at Pollok... kickoff 1pm (!)...

Queen's Park 3-3 Celtic



Tue 1st Mar         Rangers v Clyde                      at Rangers Training Centre (8pm)

Tue 8th Mar        Queen's Park v Rangers     at Rangers Training Centre (2pm)
Wed 9th Mar      Celtic v Partick Thistle       at Airdrie (1pm)

Tue 15th Mar     Clyde v Queen's Park          (8:15pm)

tbc     Celtic v Rangers
tbc     Partick v Clyde

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On 06/03/2022 at 02:18, bridgeofweirdo said:

QP vs Rangers ---closed doors ?


On 06/03/2022 at 13:40, HibeeJibee said:

Doesn't say that on Glasgow FA website whereas it did for yesterday's game.

Please note that this game is not open to the public.

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Rangers 2-0 Queen's Park

P4     Rangers             10pts     +14     Qualified (seed #1)
P3     Queen's Park     4pts         -1
P3     Celtic                      3pts          0
P2     Clyde                       1pt          -9
P2     Partick                   0pts        -4

Wed 9 Mar      Celtic v Partick (at Airdrie)
Tue 15 Mar     Clyde v Queen's Park
Tue 29 Mar     Clyde v Partick

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Celtic 5-0 Partick Thistle


So both OF are finished and have qualified, with Rangers certain to top section and host 3rd in SFs.

Clyde v Queen's Park on Tuesday evening is also now closed to spectators - but will seemingly be live streamed. Victory for the Spiders would obtain 2nd and so a home tie v 4th in SFs, whilst a victory for the Bully Wee would eliminate the Jags and render Clyde v Partick at the end of the month an effective dead rubber (except in terms of Clyde trying to finish in 2nd or 3rd instead of 4th).

Per before - having affixed SFs as 1st v 3rd and 2nd v 4th, there is the strange scenario of it potentially being in their interests to actually try and finish 4th (to visit Celtic), not 3rd (to visit Rangers who appear considerably stronger).

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Clyde 1-3 Queen's Park

This leaves Clyde v Partick next week a complete dead-rubber Partick needing win at Clyde next week. Unless they alter unusual 1 v 3 and 2 v 4 draw arrangement for Semi-Finals they'll be Rangers v Celtic and Queen's Park v Clyde/Partick.


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On 31/03/2022 at 15:22, Bully Wee Villa said:

Can't believe we made it through to the semi-finals of a five team tournament. What a time to be alive.

Playing each other once then SFs is arguably slightly better formatting than before (playing twice then Final)... but taking 10 games to eliminate 20% of the entry still feels pretty contrived.

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