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UEFA Europa League 2019/2020


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1 minute ago, G_Man1985 said:

Inters marking has been awful. 

A good game however 🙂

Sevilla look the more accomplished side to me.

Inter defending very deep but Sevilla look like they can play through them and get in good crosses.

Inter are depending on the counter.  Sevilla haven't defended well either but I just think they are going to work more opportunities unless Inter defend higher up the field.

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10 minutes ago, bob_mcshug said:

In amongst the football it should be highlighted that Jake Humphrey in an insufferable c**t.

I remember him on Twitter, telling people to be nice to Brexiteers. I don’t know if it is because he is a Brexiteer or if it’s because he’s is apparently quite religious and believes everyone should be nice to each other. Either way he’s a c**t. 

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