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Annan Athletic 2019/20

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An in-depth look at Annans hopes for the upcoming season in this video - 

As well as a review of the first round of Betfred cup games and a look at the upcoming fixtures - 

Good broadcast.
Looks like Peter Murphy has got a decent squad together at Annan.
I think this season they could make the playoffs.
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This is a bizarre set of a circumstances ... behind closed doors at a neutral ground!

Would be good to repeat the 4-1 scoreline from our first ever league game when we visited Cowdenbeath back in 2008. Can but live in hope.

'Mon the Annan!!


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Disappointed but not surprised to see that Peter Watson has decided to pack in playing after more than 350 games for Annan.

He has been a loyal servant to the club even before we achieved league status and will be a huge miss to the club. Not noted for his finesse but more than made up for it with his enthusiasm, attitude and physical presence at the back.  Hope he sticks around in some capacity. Appreciate his own business/ family circumstances have to come first and combined with lack of  playing time probably made the decision easier.

Thanks for your efforts Peds!

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Peter Watson (and Swinglehurst) was always one of those opposition players that I admired. No matter how good or poor Annan were, he always stood out as someone who was giving his all.

I remember him and Craig Beattie having a right battle at a Christmas game a few years back, you could see that both players were enjoying the challenge and were doing everything to get one over each other, despite Stirling winning the match, I’m pretty sure Watson won the battle.

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Good to see the players having a decent training session this morning. Got to hit the ground running once this stop/start season eventually starts again.

Pleased to hear that another training session is happening tomorrow. Just hope that their no expecting double time for working Sundays...

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