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Linlithgow Rose - 2019 onwards

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A huge match today, a massive opportunity to find out how far we have come since August.

Penicuik will also be looking to bounce back after last week, all the ingredients for a cracking afternoon of football.

All roads lead to Prestonfield of Dreams.

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That was brilliant!! Changed team with few out cup tied or suspended, I was a bit worried going into the game but 10 seconds in settled that.

Thereafter it was a very composed and controlled performance from the rose.

Cookie must be a bit concerned now with last two results so time to press on rose and keep this going.


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1 hour ago, Marooneye said:

That was unbelievable, a joy to watch.

The best Rose team for a long time.  Thankyou to the management team for giving us back a team to be proud of.

The Rose, I know today was a cup tie, but that is a firing shot at the league. It's a bit like who's going to knock them out.

Next up Camelon.

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19 minutes ago, LowerLeagueFC said:

any idea if back to a full squad of players for this weekend? also what is admission price and parking like at Linlithgow?


thanks in advance

No idea about squad.

£7 is full price and loads of parking at Linlithgow Academy at west side of the ground.

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