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Best away days


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Kelty is a decent place to go to, I at least enjoyed my visit there. Whoever out of Bonnyrigg/Whitehill will be LL next season will be worth going to as well imo. Can't comment too much on the others.

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3 hours ago, dougster said:

Well here we are, in the league of the Lowlanders, any tips on the best and worst away days?  Looking forward to visiting some new grounds 

Its annoying not knowing what league we'll be in as berwick would be an easy trip for me. 

If we still LL we have a cheap social club inside the ground which will welcome you.

Kelty have a decent social club as well inside the ground.

Gala have their club under the main stand but not sure if it's still open as there are problems within the building or whether it's just the seated grandstand  ? A few pubs in Galashiels anyway only aboot £5 er in taxi.

Edusport used to be decent at Annan but are now up at Strathclyde park in middle o naewhere by looks of things.

Not much around EK either.

Cumbernauld,Stirling,Falkirk stadium Alloa and Spartans are grounds you'll be familiar with.

Innerleithen has a decent wee club 2 mins walk from the ground though one of the bars on the main street had a beer garden overlooking the park.

Strollers whilst a bit out of town have a social club as well. 

Dalbeattie is a great day out.Again a wee bar behind the main stand but theres one or 2 decent pubs around 5 mins walk away.

Gretna have a social club showing TV matches before the game ,its situated outside in their main car park. It's nothing to do wi the club as they have their own "wee bar" inside the ground. 

It's not all bad in the LL I just wish the feckers would make their minds up where we'll be as it's got beyond a piss take now :angry:



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