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The Brechin City Thread


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All I would comment was that Albion Rovers quickly emptied John Brogan and got Kevin Harper in when they sank to the bottom of the League. Berwick stuck with their not universally popular manager to the end.

Albion Rovers are still in the Scottish League. Berwick are now Lowland League also rans.

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What's Charlie King up to these days? Was he not managing in the juniors?
Was waiting on him being mentioned. Would love to see him back involved with the club in some way but don't think hes the right man for the managers job maybe a coach or assistant manager. Think we need some one with a proven record that is going to get us out of this mess. I really thought Mark was going to be the man that did it he certainly talked a good game
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19 hours ago, theoriginalhedge said:

Time not on our side for ambitious prospects unfortunately

Possibly not, would Gary Jardine be a good shout. Took Edinburgh City and established them as a league club. Suffered due to season syndrome and now starting his third season at Civil Service, turned them into a solid LL side. 

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There’s never a good time to sack a manager but there is a right time and it’s not just after the window closes after your manager has just built his team for the season. Brechin City do make a habit of this....

I hope Brechin make the right appointment this time, obviously a wise experienced head with knowledge of lower league dogfights is required. I can’t really see past Jim Weir with Charlie King alongside him. 

Good luck to my Angus neighbours, I really wouldn’t want to see you guys go down.

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