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The Brechin City Thread


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16 hours ago, Hedgecutter said:

0-5 FT

I never see the point in friendlies with teams placed two tiers higher tbh.  Always a bit of a mismatch and doesn't give much of a chance of seeing players anywhere near the setting you're preparing for.

Mixed views on the Pixellot system as although it was largely very good quality, there were three or four times it panned away from the action, and more seriously it missed the second goal altogether.  It seems to struggle whenever a long ball occurs, which could obviously be a bit of an issue when attempting to follow League 2 games.  Still, fairly good value for a fiver.


16 hours ago, City_slicker1906 said:


The system seemed to focus on the umbrella at the far side and the Steward with the yellow jacket at the cemetery end at times.


A potential problem was that there were spare balls dotted around the edge of the the park . The camera might have been picking them up instead of the match ball.  Just one line of thought being considered by the media team. 

This problem also occurred in the 2 previous matches as well. 

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17 hours ago, OldRed said:

I didn’t know that is how the system works - can there be someone operating it instead?  The slow movement was pretty annoying. Agree that we didn’t look  too bad just need a cutting edge.


The cutting edge was definitely there against Farfar  under more ideal conditions.  So there is definitely hope. 

 I think it was a case yesterday of trying a few options out.  Hopefully  the management team have an idea of our strongest line up . Not always easy to judge with so many changes in pre season. We should have more of an idea after the first couple of cup games once a settled formation is in place. 

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A 5-0 thrashing to Raith is a bit of a downer, but it has to be seen for what it is, a league 2 team vs a championship team, it can pretty much be disregarded. 

Our first couple of matches of the cup will be tough and probably result in more doings, but I must admit after watching the friendlies against Montrose and Forfar (both being a league above) im quite quietly optimistic and positive about the league this year. Which is something I haven’t felt in years



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So last night, yep a sore one however the real difference was they scored near every time they shot. We had as much but btw poor efforts and good saves we did not get the same returns.

Is this Lewis's fault or a collective? Bit of both likely.

That aside we created much and played some decent football. Against lower opposition we will / should be fine. Games against Montrose / Forfar demonstrate this. St Johnstone next, be another rough ride but am more confident about this season than others in recent times. Be happy with a solid mid table, anything better would be great.


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4 hours ago, Cold Feet said:

St Johnstone next, be another rough ride but am more confident about this season than others in recent times.

If St Johnstone manage to put 5 past us, only then will I start to really worry.  :lol: 

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