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The Brechin City Thread


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2 hours ago, Brazilianlex said:

Giving up on staying up then 😂

We don’t need frickin Pogba. We do need people who can lift us 15-20% above where we are now, over the next 15 games. Stenny have somehow gone chequebook crazy and good luck to them - it seems to be working for them so far. Despite them having the games in hand, i reckon Rovers are looking like the more likely candidate if we’re going to catch someone. Jacko back is great news. Dunfermline have extended Allan’s contract so they obvs rate him and if we can consistently turn out him and McCabe in centre mid that bodes well. A Jimmy Scott in some sort of form for 4 months - if that rumour has any weight - might just be enough. Do agree that a defender would be good though 

2 out of 3 from Hill/Page/Watt sounds decent to me on paper but you know what they say about fitba played on paper. And Dougie seems increasingly  to be a heads gone risk

Feb is a big month. 5 games, 3 at home and only really the away to Edinburgh City is one to fear. Should be targeting 10 points from the 5 but essential that we don’t get beat by Rovers a week tomorrow. I saw the narrow win there earlier in the season and whilst we might have been a  bit fortunate to win, we should be looking to do so again given how much stronger we are now. Rovers fans feel free to get stuck in and point out how much better you are now too! 


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