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The Brechin City Thread


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I think we all need to stop throwing accusations around what's done is done we have to move on hopefully we will have a new management team appointed in the next two weeks and we all need to get behind whoever that may be (including you citydiehard) we may not like certain members of the committee but who else is there to step in and do the alright job there doing free of charge COYR





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Well a few names been pinged about; Gavin Price was offered it - no thanks, Steve Aitken (it appears) also no thanks and Hegarty (apparently could not agree terms - thank f**k). 

If any prospective managers watched yesterday they would have seen what a shambles Smith has left in his wake. In the opening two minutes we passed and look good for the goal. However lack of confidence after Cowden scored was there for all to see as we resorted to panic hoofs. Confidence to stick to the game plan and play football just is not there.

They would have also seen McLaughlin (Boomer) never finding a pass / cross all game. He would also have noted that N'Goy or Crawford are not strikers - they offered next to nothing - no movement, no control and certainly no finish.

The only person coming to us will be either a junior manager or someone coming to the end of their playing career and looking for a start. We have had success going down the newbe route and might have to again as not sure who else would be interested.

Lets see.


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At half time yesterday, I thought a one goal lead would not be enough facing that wind and expected a Brechin onslaught. It didn’t happen and although we had to clear one off the line, I thought we deserved the win.

Brechin were poor and Hill and Page looked nervous all game.

i fear for Brechin as they have suffered the same fate as we and Albion Rovers suffered. Tumbling down the leagues with poor managers until landing  at the bottom. Then it is difficult to attract anyone decent to stop the rot. This appointment is massive for Brechin and they have to get it right. I wish you the best of luck.

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One thing I learned from the last three games is there is not much between clubs in this league.QP were made to look good by Brechin being so bad.We could have been beat at Albion but got the breaks and yesterday there was nothing much between the teams apart from a stupid penalty we gave away.We badly need someone to help McManus both big lads very poor.Another decent midfielder to let McCord sit deeper and spray the ball around.A wide player with pace to go past the full back.Neither keeper were tested all that much.


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