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The Brechin City Thread


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1 hour ago, Jimmy Shaker said:

Brora's North Cup tie with Lossie tomorrow is off due to positive Covid tests in the Brora squad. 

This will almost certainly knacker Brora's game on the weekend, which was supposed to be at Brechin. 

Maybe get the Fort William game played on Saturday. 

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Telling two idle teams on a Tuesday they're playing on a Saturday - when one knew they'd be idle and the other has four days notice - shouldn't be beyond us, and given Fort are already falling behind we should be ready for this kind of thing. 

You'll notice, however, that Brora's postponed game tomorrow v Lossie coincided with a fucking Scotland qualifier, suggesting we're not as forward thinking as all that. 

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20 hours ago, gm_1982 said:

Surely if Brora don’t have a squad then Fort William would take their place? If not then it would be absolutely ridiculous to have two teams idle when they could be playing each other.

If the clubs want it to go ahead it will do, nobody's going to stop them.

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On 03/09/2021 at 08:36, Thom & Gerry said:

Why would Fort William be at it?

Wait till the winter kicks in and you go about 6 weeks without a game.

If it resulted in a 3-0 walkover win for the opposition maybe they might have made a bit more effort to field a team. 😉

We were a bit covid depleted for our match with the Broch a few weeks back but did a last minute search for a few trialists to ensure some cover for our subs bench . Is that not the normal thing to do in the Highland league? 

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5 minutes ago, Best Team in Angus said:

Or maybe great that we made a big big effort to get players in and they are a fucking joke club and the Highland League  have allowed them to take the piss for years and still do

Let's hope that City manage to beat them twice...

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1 minute ago, Best Team in Angus said:

I was not really commenting on the football side it was more the way the club is run in general but having said that if we cannot beat them twice then we should just pack up

I wasn't being entirely serious.

Having said that, I'd be very disappointed if City couldn't beat Fort William in both league games.


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