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The Brechin City Thread


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2 hours ago, OldRed said:

Can anybody confirm tomorrow’s kick off time? BBC says 3pm!!!!



The BBC are one of the most incompetent football reporting outlets going.  They couldn't give a shit about anything below premier league...............especially this week where all attention will be on the Glasgow circus. 

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Took in the Brechin game tonight worthy winners in the end, Formartine collapsed a bit in the second half and Brechin punished them.Young lad from the saints in the middle of the park looks an absolute baller cracking wee player,no sure if he will last a full season with the hammer throwers in the HL.

Aidan Quinn on loan at you lot from us very good player too,did okay tonight for you after hardly licking a ball for us.... look after him.Davo to me tonight looks like a player just their to pick up his nice big wage packet.Played a bit better second half but you can see their is always a mistake in him.Brechin will be up their at the end of the season but with that much pressure  to get the out the league I think with the squad you have at the moment you might just fall short.

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It was a coin flick for MOM between him and Kieren for his hat-trick. Kieren won.

Best game Max has played, need it more however there are several thugs in HL just waiting for him. Believe Aiden from Montrose is a super short loan just to see us come through some squad issues. The young guy up front (from East Craigie)looks decent, just more games.

Once the squad settles down and we more sessions together I think we will be fine.

Remember no window in HL and we still have space for a loanee.

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wee Max is a quality player. Really relishes the rough stuff too for such a slight player. Can really see a pass and has a great free kick, too.

I think going to Brechin is ideal for his development. Think with a bit more experience he will grow into a very good player in time for St. Johnstone.

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He reminded me of Regan Hendry in League 1.  Just given a free role to do whatever the f**k he likes as he's the best player on the park.

Crowd seemed decent last night, didn't seem particularly lower home attendance than any of my visits to the Glebe watching the Rovers.

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