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The Brechin City Thread


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Absolutely pathetic.

Say Brechin managed to get 200 home fans at a tenner a head, that's a fortnightly income of £2000.  So if you knock off half of that just for the novelty of playing somewhere else, you're left with a grand to cover wages and expenses for the two games, travel to Dalbeattie/Berwick/Galashiels etc, hire of a training facility and so on.  Even with a bit of sponsorship and some earnings from hospitality, how is it possible to run at anything other than a loss?  :huh:  

Wasting limited time pursuing things which were always going to be an utterly embarrassing dead-end avenue is simply going to leave us in a situation where we're still faffing around a few weeks before the new season, still not sure what to do / where  to train as we struggle to assemble a squad after every available semi-competent player has been signed up elsewhere.  Finding a competent manager to sign such players in the first place would be a welcome priority.

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Brechin were always going to be the scalp everyone wanted in the HL next season by now telling the clubs they don't want to even play in their league they've made themselves an even bigger target. 

The "we sign players from the central belt" policy has clearly failed so why on earth arent they already looking at picking up the cream of the HL and the former Dundee and Aberdeen junior leagues to put together a local squad?

Instead of planning for the future, which they should have been doing months ago, they appear to be pissing about in an attempt to be put into a  tougher league whilst forgetting the actual on-field product, its all a bit Mayor of Amity at the moment.




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I get that it might appear easier to entice players in the Lowland League, but I can't see Brechin's rationale here. The Lowland League, without even getting into teams in Tier 6, will be tougher than the Highland League. Any goodwill and credibility is gone now, really feel sorry for the Brechin fans.

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The pyramid system was brought in prematurely, without being properly thought out. It's unfair that Brechin are being forced to play in the Highland League. I have no problem with them attempting to switch to the Lowland League.

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