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The Brechin City Thread


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That my friends was a lesson in finishing ......Olly i like the look of .  No 2 trailist  looked ok ... Shagger defies his 36 years . His experience and helping the younger ones around him will help bring them on . 

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On 07/07/2019 at 10:30, theycallmetrinity said:
On 07/07/2019 at 07:08, Best Team in Angus said:
So how many signed players do we have now I have lost count ??

I think it's only 10 so there should be a glut of signings this week.

^^^^ This is my concern . I hope we dont just sign for signings sake to make up the numbers.

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Playing games pre season against better teams is all very well but after the last couple of years would it have been better playing against  teams we had a chance of beating by a good few goals to build confidence so to speak ? Just a thought .  I dont think a 6 goal reverse against United does anything for the mind set of players or fans alike. Oh well on to the Falkirk game tonight.

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3 hours ago, Trump said:

What can the Falkirk Bairns expect from Brechin tonight?

An easy win for you guys.Barry Smith is worse than Darren Dodds was,plus we don’t have a fully signed squad yet and with with 4 days to go until the season kicks off his organisation is shite.A team needs to gel before the season kicks off.Not after it .

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