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Love Island 2019

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I thought Amy was doing ok until she started constantly saying she'd fallen in love. That could have been a decent exit. She was best leaving anyway.

Big Ovie is the man. His shouts of "message!" (throw back to Keenan Ivory Wayans role in Don't be a Menace...) are great.

Anton is a good laugh anaw.

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The new guy has the vibe of a guy that hangs around a student union 5 years after dropping out of uni


“I’m designing a social network for dog owners”

No mate, you’ve made a page on twitter for people to share dug photos.
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People are going to be rather horrible about Francesca tooth gap but it’s just refreshing to see someone come in with their actual teeth. She reminds me of Amy Winehouse minus the years of heroin use.

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I thought the new girl Francesca came across really well, whereas Chris was just a bit cringy. 

Fair play to the producers for editing the episode's preview to make it look like Maura came out dressed like that and lapdanced Curtis just to impress him instead of doing it for a challenge, my reaction was basically the same as all the lads jumping off the couch when she straddled his lap. 

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Nah Maura still annoys me, I enjoyed that challenge though. The girls always look great and the guys always provide a shit tonne of cringe.

Same. Full of herself and this whole pursuit of Curtis just comes across fake and smacks of desperation to win.
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