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Love Island 2019

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3 hours ago, ali_91 said:

Don’t think you know what trying too hard means my man. 

Making up stories about kicking a homeless ladies cider from her hands or chucking your own faeces at your friends   would be good examples. 

When @Scotty Tunbridgelikes your posts, it would suggest you’re on the wrong side of the argument. 

Absolute betas. 

Maura is a slag.

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11 minutes ago, ali_91 said:

Class from Maura, she’s just shown she’s chasing Curtis for the banter and for our entertainment. Loyalty to her pals but not to the triple A clique. What a woman. 

Really werid.

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12 minutes ago, ali_91 said:

She’s the most popular contestant on the show m9, you share the same opinion as the shit throwing lunatic fringe. 

ETA: And calling women slags is very 1980’s. 


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Anna, once again showed herself up as the c**t she is tonight. It's one thing completely patching Ovie's choice and choosing who she wanted to stay on her own accord, but then it's another to be surprised, yet disapproving when he breaks down in tears. That 'why's he crying?' line made me want to punch my screen.


Party at mine when she gets punted like. Fat boot.


ETA: Lucie shall be sorely missed. Amy and George shall not.


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I’d like to think that if I ever made a c**t of myself on a TV show that when I get home my mates would kick utter f**k out me for being such a weirdo.

If Amy has any friends they should do similar.

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