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Love Island 2019

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Maura is a slag

Maura is a complete bellend who is just an attention seeker and wants someone to fawn all over her. Jumps ship at first opportunity.


Amy's quit the villa as well. 

Was only a matter of time. She is totally unstable and needs help. Psycho.
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21 hours ago, Adam said:

Anna is the absolute worst c**t in the world

I agree, she has no redeeming features. There has been plenty of awful human beings on the show over the years but she holds everyone to an incredibly high moral standard whilst she can do what she wants. It’s some achievement to create all this drama whilst being completely and utterly tedious at the same time. The Supras effect if you will.

If she survives tonight she will lose interest in Jordan now there is no competition for her.

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Yaaaaaassss Tommy!!! Molly-Mae’s your girlfriend!!!



So what was she yesterday?



ETA: The guys going nuts with excitement when some guy announces their ‘girlfriend’ make me spew every year. Who the f**k ever celebrates or gets all hyper and congratulates their mate?

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IMO Tommy is starting to mug himself off a bit now.

He's being way to open with the soppy patter and putting everything on a plate for her with zero effort required on her part.

The novelty will wear off and she'll get bored.


Edited by Richie
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Had to play catch up on a few episodes. Here's my takes:

  • Anna is a total banger and Ovie binning her off was the best move the big man has made.
  • Michael appears to have manufactured a version of Amber in his own head.
  • Belle & Anton are good chat and sure to make the final.
  • Tommy & Molly might as well pick up the £50k now if the producers can't think of something else to throw at them.
  • Amy needs to leave for the good of her own mental health.
  • Curtis is a weird, weird character. 
  • Maura is still the main source of entertainment. 
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