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Love Island 2019

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I'm not a big Curtis fan, but some of the stuff Amy was saying to him was, um, not healthy - treating him more like a possession than a person, as evidenced by the "my Curtis" thing. As said above, Curtis was basically forced into being extremely blunt because there was no other way to get the message across to her. 

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Aye let’s put in a lassie who’s never had a boyfriend in. See how this goes...

Not a fan of Amy, but bit of a shame for her. And amber actually. Couldn’t stand them both in the last few weeks.

Maura would be my top pick.  Lucie second. The rest..nah. 

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7 minutes ago, DrewDon said:


Absolutely no-one: 

George: What's your favourite snack?

I hope someone has compiled an extensive collection of everything him and Marvin have said in the week they've been in and make a Snapchat out of it. 


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Curtis is being pilloried for "being harsh" now? He was hardly revelling in giving her bad news. For her own benefit he left her with no doubts that it was over. That took far more courage and respect than stringing her along. Hes went up in my estimation, far more of a man than Michael.

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Molly Mae being a shit-stirring knob as well

Was just about to post the same. She’s a snidey little shit stirrer.

Anna is a complete bellend who is just an attention seeker and wants someone to fawn all over her. Jumps ship at first opportunity.
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