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Love Island 2019

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Anna didn't even have the guts to look Jordan in the eye when explaining why she chose Ovie. Constantly looking down and mumbling. Genuine 7 y/o behaviour.


I absolutely hate her. Get her punted pronto.


P.S, what the f**k does Ovie do? Yes looks and build are 11/10 but genuinely the dullest personality I think I have ever seen on telly or IRL.


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My word that was incredibly uncomfortable viewing, I think Tommy and Mollie Mae are currently running away with it at this stage especially after that speech.

Curtis has ended up with the nuclear situation where he looks like a c**t and will probably be single. I don’t like Amy but that was tough to see when she said ‘I think so’.  He is just one massive weirdo

It says a lot about the original girls that the guys wanted better vibes from the new girls. No doubt they’ll be rounding in on Joanna to make her life a living hell.

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Anna and amber are both b*****ds. Her looking at the ground the mumbling why she picked Ovie made her look like the b*****d she is.

Great TV and can’t wait for amber to kick off tomorrow, although I already feel for Joanna as the mean girls are going to tear into her.

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Curtis is a fucking melt.

If you're going to make a c**t of yourself at least make sure the lassie actually fancies you back

Proper cringed at his friendzoning

The reactions at the recoupling were class. Maura looked like she was about to stick the heed on Curtis so that should be fun

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That was good TV. However any time Amy is on the screen I get the boak. She’s a riot.

Anna is a hypocritical knob.

One thing I haven’t noticed anyone mentioning is how much of a little shit stirrer JorDan is looking. Constant smug little grins and looks. She will happily fire Curtis down the swanny I think. She’s loving the attention and drama.

Unfortunately I also don’t think Belle is into Anton that much and is using him to stay in the show.

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Anna thought it was funny when she came back with Ovie. Her attitude and arrogance stinks.

The sooner her or Amber are punted the better for the rest, because their attitude is going to be unbearable.

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Anna is a horrible creature.

Maura has a very odd moral compass - happy to lay it on thick when she came in but now visibly affronted if anyone else tries it. Suppose I can't be too expectant of the numbskulls on the show - it's like an idiot safari. 

Can't wait to see Amy's meltdown when she finds out that Curtis, like the rest of the public, don't really like her.

Image result for licking tears gif

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On ‎30‎/‎06‎/‎2019 at 14:44, J_Stewart said:



Curious to know if the absolute betas whinging when the boss tells us of her “fanny flutters” find it as cringey when the boys are talking about shagging and using their weird little club names for doing a spot of fingering? I’d suggest not.


Yes, It's weird as f**k.

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