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League Cup Group E

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2 minutes ago, The DA said:

Just badly-worded then?

No, just stating the rule. If the striker was beyond the 2nd to last defending player he'd have been off.

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18 minutes ago, The DA said:

Good goal, well-worked.

ETA: What's this about being beyond the keeper when the ball is played?  Has there been ANOTHER rule change?

Can't remember the wording in the law book but it has been a rule for a while, absolutely baffled me at the first time of reading.

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Still in the game which is a relief as we could have been 2 or 3 goals down. If we can tighten things up at the back then our direct and awkward play will give us a few chances in the second half.

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1 hour ago, wellinwigan said:

Ffs you must be a great laugh to go to the game with

Just calling it as I see it and on evidence so far, I've not been too far off the mark. We do lead 1-0 thanks to Scott but it's more a case of us just ending a fairly even game and indeed we are slightly fortunate not to have conceded in the last few minutes of the half as Gillespie made a good save from close range and we were hanging on a bit.

Long way to go in this one.

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Just now, GiGi said:

Not doing too badly given we have a barely mobile big coat rack in goals.

Thought we've done well so far.

Motherwell have clearly targeted McAlister as our weak spot. That needs addressed.


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