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Dundee United 2019/2020

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1 hour ago, G_Man1985 said:

According to danish media, pavol safranko is close to being sold to a Romanian club, one possible club being menttioned is sepsi, who's being coached by csaba lazlo.

Safranko only signed for us because of his close relationship with Laszlo, wouldn't be that surprising.

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6 hours ago, Distant Doonhamer said:

It's surely no surprise that season ticket sales are down based on recent performance. 

Or am I missing something? Genuine question

Each year we've been down the fans have made a big push to support the club in the hope of getting up. 

I think the Laszlo / Neilson effort last season has really disheartened some and they've either decided to pick and choose games or not bother wasting weekend days and 300 odd quid to watch eyed bleedingly bad football. 

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Jeez, small world. Worked with her at Pensions, you two were at my wedding! Hope all’s well.
Got you. Should have worked it out from 'Gibby'! All's good here - took the wee man to his first Dundee game at the weekend- time flies! Hope all is well with you.
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1 hour ago, stewartyftd1 said:

1000 more than Dundee. We truly are the big club!

Who woulda thunk that's the angle you were going for when you originally asked the question on the day we released our sales numbers?

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